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Nycto, aka Nyctophobia is a powerful Combat Specialist and a Puppetmaster.

Nycto's Past

Nycto is once an innocent happy-go-lucky person in an unknown void. Well known as the "Anti-Void". She loves creating lots of AUs and lots of things. Firstly off, she visited some empty AUs, which she doesn't know it's genocide. She met the Genocide frisk, but frisk thinks she's just an EXP so she attacked her, but frisk failed as Nyct dodged and grabbed it's knife and snatched it as a self defense. She kept smiling and so she grabbed frisk's head and slammed it to the ground, causing it intense damage. She wasn't afraid but a brave person too. Also she broke frisk's DT after... She stole it so she reset it. She does this to the multiple genocide timelines too, which makes alternate timelines like Disbelief or Distrust. After 100 times of doing that she took a break from those things as she started creating more AUs. But suddenly someone appeared as a mysterious stranger, it's all goopy and black, sansish and looks like Nightmare! Sans. But it's demi instead. Demi asked her to help out her missing locks, which they enter a portal, leading to a large abandoned lab. She commanded her to find 5 Locks of life. Hesitance, Envy, Pressure, Exhaustion, and Pain. Demi Said that it was felt by her struggles in the past. Nyct then just accepts the hunt Then goes. Nyct went to the southwest and fought traps. And got the Hesitance lock. Well, her abilities are gaster blasters and Bones too. Plus some teleportation. South as the Envy, fighting a barrage of envious monsters that will try and kill her. And she succeeded too. Pressure, as the Fast and strong golems, aimed directly at her to kill her, which made her struggle but it was a success too. Exhaustion, as everything is slow as her, needed patience and it was a success and finally, The Pain one. It's pretty simple, she was told to say a joke in front of demi... And succeeded too. After that,Demi mixed the 5 locks together and made one, Known to be the Omni-Lock. And it locks onto her soul too...

Finally, she's back into her anti-void but then... her abilities slowly fade away, she slowly dusts as she was trying to discover why she's dusting. She's confused but then... It's the lock that is making her dust... So she dusted away with betrayal.

But then, her soul refused and went back to the anti-void once again, but it's only different. Her colors are faded, she has no eyelights and she is now apathetic and emotionless... She felt smarter, faster, and stronger as she created something with her paintbrush. A mini core that can warp fabrics of space without any requirements, but it requires DT to power it up. So... she went on and killed plenty of monsters in timelines, making them forgotten and destroyed. Which increases her LV. Also she used the Alternate timeline Frisks souls to power the generator up, as she created Powerful weapons from nothing, via her core as she built it with more potential. And She activated her inner abilities. She also preserved herself in ice for 500 years. Soon after that, she developed Dark Aura magic while in cryo-stasis and she starts to destroy AUs which made her more powerful and then, she met Demi. She's neutral and smug about 07 but 07 is.. willing to take revenge but, Demi stopped her.. that's all.