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Court Rules

SECTION A (These apply to the prosecutor and defendant)

Article 1: The Accused may bring one lawyer to defend themself, or they may choose to defend themself. The Plaintiffs and Defendants may choose to bring witnesses if such witnesses agree.

Article 2: Cases must remain civil among the plaintiffs and defendants. This is self-explanatory.

Article 3: Must provide evidence. If no evidence is provided to your claim, we shall deem it as false. If you can prove that said evidence was destroyed, Article 3 in LAWS is set in motion.

SECTION B (These apply to the witnesses, the Jury and any other observers that are not the Judge)

Article 1: No interruptions. You shall not speak unless the Judge wills it.

Article 2. The Jury must wait until the end of the case to reveal their verdict.


If the Judge or Jury can be proven to be biased, the must be temporarily replaced by substitutes.

SECTION D (The structure of the case)

The case shall begin with the Judge telling the defendant what they are being charged for. Then the defendant shall make their plea (i.e guilty or not guilty). If they plead guilty, they will be punished by the aforementioned charges. If they plea not guilty, opening testimonies from the plaintiff/prosecutor begin, evidence is to be revealed and then witness testimonies are heard. Then the defendant shall retaliate with any contradicting evidence and their witnesses. If the Judge sees fit, the case may end. If not, it shall repeat the cycle until the Judge is satisfied.

Staff Rules

These are the rules made specifically for the wiki's staff. If a staff member breaks any of these rules, please report it to the bureaucrat or a trusted admin, with evidence, so the situation may be taken care of.

  • Admins are not to abuse their powers in any way. Their actions should only be to benefit the wiki and not themselves. Administrators are in no way above normal users on the wiki, and are simply users entrusted with powerful editing tools. If an admin is caught abusing their powers, they will be demoted and potentially blocked for some time depending on the severity of the situation.
  • Admins should assume good faith from users. If a user makes a mistake, assume that they are trying to help the wiki. More can be learned here.
  • Helpful tip for editing as Sysop: To block/unblock message wall, go to editing and press the checkbox to either disable/enable comments section. (Note: Only Sysops could do this)/


Due to this wiki becoming increasingly slow, we have decided to relocate to the “New Undertale Fanon Au Wiki.” This act is also allowing us to filter out pages here and clean up unnecessary things.



  • Some topics during the RPs may be offensive to some people, so please join at your own risk.
  • ANY RPs that are involved with this wiki may - and probably will - contain spoilers. If you care about your Undertale and their AU experience and don't want it spoiled in some way, continue with caution. Dont say mean things to people that rp.
  • You could now create Clubs. However, look at the Club Creation rules before making one.