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Template:Infobox CharacterAUD!sans is the Defender of AUs. He travels from AU to another AU and watches the AUs . If something is not right, no one knows if his power came from his mystical sword or from himself, but one thing is for sure he will strike in to it if he sees something bad happen between AUs.

He is like normal sans and ink Sans. He likes every type of food and like other AUs.



AUD has blue jacket with two thin, white stripes on the front. He has black pants with white stripes. On the back, he got a sword clip with his Green/light green legendary timeline sword with some symbols on it. He got a yellow half triangle on each (front) side of his coat.


AUD sans is Heroic and energetic. He likes talking with other AU characters when some AU is trying to destroy other AU he will strike when Ink sans is not near. He is very friendly but can be the strongest of all, even stronger than Error sans. He is almost always positive and love giving new ideas of AU to ink sans.


When he appeared, he was powerless. But later, he find his ability to create hole that it can get him in to a other alternative universes. First, he did not know it will bring him where ever he want. So, he did not choose. Then, it brought him in to Ink sans´ universe. ink was surprised, because he never created AUD Sans. He was studying things until he was like "now there is more secrets that we do not know about him" and he is still is finding secrets about AUD Sans.

Abilities and Weaknesses

He is one of strongest sans. He is stronger than Error sans and ink sans . AUD sans can create almost every type of AU Gaster Blaster and do almost every AU attack. One Special ability that he can do is the ability to create wormholes that he and others can use to travel to different AUs.

His weakness is that he doesn't not want to kill anyone, but there is only one who he will destroy is AUD!Chara.


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  • AUD was created by Heagridswager
  • He did not appear anywhere yet
  • his original look was different