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This is an AU when Frisk completed the 50th genocide route, taken Asgore's SOUL and goes back to the surface, and prepare for the next reset.

However when they reached the surface and was about to do so, the human suddenly noticed that there is a cat that is chasing a mouse; The cat who is chasing the mouse has grey-blue fur and the mouse has a brown and orange color the two of those animals all hits and shattered the RESET button at the same time when Chara/Frisk has touched it.

This has resulted in a new timeline and universe was born, a new history, a new species of monsters were been born in the Underground.


  • Sans was been replaced by Tom Cat.
  • Papyrus was been replaced by Jerry.
  • Asgore was been replaced by Butch.
  • Undyne as Spike Bulldog.
  • Alphys as Female Spike Bulldog (Danna)
  • Toriel was been replaced by Toodles.
  • Tom and Jerry has knowledge of who they were before they became like this.
  • Tom has Sans' memories.
  • Jerry doesn't have the ability to remember timelines for Tom.
  • Tom's quote when he was about to start the execution towards the human is "It's a beautiful day outside, birds are chirping, flowers are being blow, on days like these kids like you...should be thrown out to the street"


  • Tom and Jerry doesn't wants to start battles with each other since because of Sans and Papyrus's personalities it prevents them from doing so.