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"You try, you die! HAHAHA!"
– Absent!Sans

He is the mortal enemy of Lost!Sans, and will do anything in his power to destroy Lost!Sans.


Absent!Sans was a normal Sans, until one day something weird happened in the AU. There was this weird hole, with weird text in it. He didn't want Papyrus to see it, and he was coming home soon, so he decided to sit on it. But when he started to sit, he got pulled in. The hole closed up behind him, and he fell and hit a floor. He was stunned from the fall for a little bit, but then got up and looked around. He was in the code of his AU. He was stuck there for quite some time, and started to go crazy since that day after 3 weeks of being stuck there, he started munching on code, and started deleting the AU by eating it apart. He started learning how to absorb code, and sucked in the LV and EXP of characters in surrounding AU's. He eventually chewed his way out of the code, and had barely any physical form. He was free, but couldn't get back to his AU. He fell out of the Multiverse. He started going more insane, every second. It was even worse down there. He wandered around there, saying crazy things. He eventually stumbled upon a AU. Since he was so insane, he started to attack the AU. Then he heard a voice behind him say, "Hey, friend." He was startled, so he whipped out a 111_Gaster Blaster, but the stranger pulled out a big bone and hit the blaster on the head, and the Blaster broke. The stranger said, "Hey buddy, I just want to be friends. My name is Sans. From Losttale. Call me Lost." Absent shouted, "Get lost, I'll kill you!" "I'd like to see you try." "Errmgh!" "Look at your face. He he." Then Absent shot five giant bones, which Lost easily dodged. Lost then attached a chain to Absent's neck, and said, "Looks like you did something bad." Then something raging inside of him, exploded out, and he took his second form the code form. The code form made him disperse his code, and then run his code again, so he becomes omnipresent. This is a big loss for Lost, because he relies on being faster then the enemy, so that was a big down fall. Absent got 19 good hits on Lost until Lost turned to his Crashlagg form. Lost then restarted the whole multiverse. After the fight, Absent realized he was in the middle of the code again. He then screamed. The chain is still on to this day, and Lost has changed his attitude about Absent.



Regular Look

Daily Look

His daily, regular look is a scrappy brown robe, a crazy eye, an error message on his foot and a chain on his neck. He also has another "eye", which is a scar that he put his magic into to see through that scar. He also has a red head.

"He's sparing you."

Emotional/Sparing Sprite

When he is feeling emotional, relatable, or conflicted in emotions, he has a blue fire in his eye. (When his eye is glowing, it is a sign of peace, unlike Classic Sans.) He also has different shades of blue in his crazy eye, rather than different shades of every color. You see this sprite when he is trying to spare you.


Betrayed/No Mercy

He looks like this if you decide to fight instead of spare Absent!Sans. He has a glowing orange eye, instead of a blue eye. His other eye is gray scaled, and faded.


He has some anger issues, and it only started when he went crazy. He's not evil, it's just if you fight him, he starts to have flashbacks, and goes insane. His backstory haunts him. His smile is something that is like a mask, and he can't really control it anymore, unless in deep emotional situations, where his true self removes his mask completely. When he enters a fight, his true self starts to lose grip on reality. His true self triggers when the eye glows, in battle during the spare.

Battle Info

Battle Phases

Phase 1

Phase 1 is the first phase. Sans is rude, and ignorant in this phase. He calls you names, and taunts you. He is doing this because this is not his true form. The sprite in this phase is his Daily Look.

Phase 2

Phase 2 is the phase when Absent!Sans's true form starts to slip back, and he begins to show more kindness, and the attacks get easier the longer you are in the fight. His sprite is the Daily Look, except the longer you are in the fight, you can slowly see his insane smile under his chains disappearing. At the end of the phase, his crazy eye starts crying.