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Altertale is an Undertale AU created by friisans where six characters have changed their roles with others. Sans has swapped with Toriel, Papyrus with Asgore, and Gaster with Asriel. There are no other swapped characters whatsoever.

Character Changes

In this universe of characters, 6 characters vary, but some qualities of some characters prevail over the other.

For example, AT Sans is 80% the personality of Тoriel, but only 20% the personality of Sans, and Toriel is 80% the personality of Sans, but only 20% the personality of Toriel.

(AlterTale Sans = 80% of UT Toriel's personality + 20% of UT Sans' personality, and AlterTale Toriel = 80% of UT Sans' personality + 20% of UT Toriel's personality)


  • Gaster is Sans and Papyrus's little sibling.



  • The creator of the AU, Friisans, when confronted with the question "Is there Soriel in Altertale?" simply replied "hell yeah."
  • Friisans has also spoken on the topic of Fontcest and Goatcest, saying that they are not (and never will be) canon.