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In Animatale, everyone is a spirit of something, depending on how they act. As you can imagine, this makes the fighting, relationships, and endings different than in Undertale.

In each route, Frisk is a different Spirit. In the Neutral Route, they are the Spirit of Balance, in the Pacifist Route, they are the Spirit of Life and in the Genocide Route, they are the Spirit of Wrath.



Flowey very different than what he was in Undertale. Instead of trying to harm and kill Frisk, he tries to help them. If you accept his offer, he'll join you on your adventure. Despite wanting Frisk's help, he'll attempt to kill them if he gets frustrated or angry. When leaving the Ruins, Flowey will not allow Toriel to come with them, leaving Toriel back in the Ruins.


Known as the Spirit of Loving arms, Toriel doesn't act too different than what she did in Undertale. She can save Frisk from getting killed by Flowey, though this depends on if you accept his help or not when meeting him. When leaving the Ruins, Toriel will give Frisk the option on whether she should join them, at Flowey's expense. If you choose to say no, she'll battle you, to see if you’re strong enough to survive.


Known as the Spirit of Quiet Revenge, and Papyrus' brother. Through most of Frisk's journey he'll observe what Frisk is doing from the shadows, unless they've befriended Papyrus. Sometimes he'll come out to talk to Frisk. He'll eventually confront Frisk in the Neutral or Genocide Routes when he recognises how they'd possibly kill everyone, including his brother, Papyrus. The higher Frisk's LV is, the more dialogue he'll have.


Known as the Spirit of The Hunt, and Sans' brother. Rather than using puzzles to capture Frisk, Papyrus uses traps, and finds it very entertaining to do so. In the Pacifist route, Papyrus will be quick to spare Frisk and befriend them, whether Flowey likes it or not. In the Neutral and Genocide Routes, though, he'll battle Frisk after they go through each of his traps.


Known as the Spirit of Undying Loyalty. Like in Undertale, she'll relentlessly attack the Human in the name of Asgore, but will falter if Papyrus wants you spared. In Asgore's fight, she'll help him fight you, after apologizing to Papyrus.


Known as the Spirit of The End. At the end of a Genocide Run, she'll completely erase the world, just like in Undertale.


Asgore is known as the Spirit of Misguided Hope. He is the same as in Undertale, but in his end fight will be helped by Undyne.