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""You could have went down a much better path, but now that your here it's a bit late to say that isn't it?.. Well now you get to deal with me""
– -- sans


Flowey once tried to steal the human souls but failed so Asgore ordered sans to hide them, with him being lazy he decided to put them in his rib cage

Sans will sometimes stay at Undyne's house

He was experimented on by Gaster a lot until he vanished and will sometimes question his sanity as only himself and Asriel can remember Gaster and Chara


Basic info: Animustale Sans is very lazy but does train with Papyrus to make him happy and spends lots of time with Undyne and even started to date her


Sans wears a black jacket and black gym shorts


Very calm and dislikes to fight but will if someone he loves is in danger, though if that someone dies he'll worry later and be depressed over guilt and the death of a loved one


Bones (normal, blue and orange)


Blasters: they fire large beam though they don't explode but can drain hp quickly and the smaller the faster they become

Kindness soul: this allows him to create shields and even a small bit of health regen

Perseverance soul: this allows him to make a blaster that can match any attack that isn't above an omega being

Integrity soul: this allows him to move quickly and elegantly but drains a great deal of magic

Justice soul: this allows him to make quick pellets to attack he usually makes them from his hand

Patience soul: this allow sans to see openings in his opponents moves and see some weak points thoughBravery soul: this allows him to make explosions from his blasters and this can tire him out quickly


Undyne dating


  • He likes sweets like candy