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Don't kill, and don't be killed, alright? That's the best you can strive for.

Anti-God is the embodiment of all evil in the multiverse, a mindless wandering being controlled by pure intuition and sadistic desire to torture and slaughter everything.

His archenemy is God Papyrus because God Papyrus, while egotistical, has not an ounce of evil in him. Anti-Gods only goal is to kill and destroy every single Multiverse.


Anti-God was a result of a twisted experiment by Virus404 before the fusion. Virus404 used all the terror, fear, despair, evil, destruction, and inspirations from the concept of End Times and many other universes.

These inspirations allowed a demonic creature to rise from the pits of Evil and hell which resulted in an utterly HORRIFYING creature, Anti God. Being made from pure evil he has NO form of any positive emotion in his body, resulting in complete evil.

Anti-God was first sighted in Swap!Dtale where he simply vanished and after that. No one knows where he ended up, but it's said if you follow the darkest shadows, the loudest screams of the tortured of the tortured, and look for signs of the end, of everything and nothing at the same time, all in one spot, one pit, one..thing.. you just might find him, lurking in the shadows of the End Times waiting for a chance to destroy everything and everyone because.. even Gods fall one day.



Anti-God is slightly taller then Sans and weighs nothing, he can reform anywhere in the multiverse as long evil is there. he wears pitch black with red glowing bloodstains that make the ends of the sleeves on his jacket and the outline on the jacket. Anti God is surrounded by darkness and screaming souls, begging to be free


Anti-God is very hard to describe. He is silent and cold, devoid of any individuality and instead drove by all evil things that exist or enter the multiverse. Since he is pure evil, he has NO "good" personality traits.

He possesses EVERY evil power of the Undertale multiverses and often lurks in other AUs causing demented sadistic situations to arise. when Beings encounter him face to face, they can feel the overwhelming amounts of dread and despair around Anti God and usually will go insane and kill themselves.

Anti-God RARELY ever talks and occasionally will smile, the Anti God posses a personality driven by all evil forces of existence meaning what he decides to do is random. He can be summoned by a ritual described in the Summoning Anti-God section.

Summoning Anti God

You need to commit severe harm on yourself, sacrifice a loved one, and you need to feel lots of negative emotions inside you.

Personality In Combat

in combat, Anti-God is unpredictable. his behavior and strategies are made for inflicting the most physical and mental torture. He likes to rip out organs of people and watch them bleed on the ground. He changes into loved ones to catch them(whoever Anti is fighting) off guard. He could cannibalize them (dead or alive), he could play a demented game of hide and seek, or other forms of twisted and demented actions.


Anti-God's powers and abilities allow him to bend the darkest forms of reality and to control evil within the multiverse. He can use Abilities that may not be listed here that are also demonic and evil.

Here are all the applications of his powers (most are not code-based)

  • All Almighty Powers
  • All Apocalyptic Powers
  • All Chaotic Powers
  • All Cosmic Powers
  • All Darkness Powers
  • All Death Powers
  • All Destructive Powers
  • All Evil Powers
  • All Fear Powers
  • All Offensive Powers
  • All Primordial Powers
  • All Reality Manipulation Powers (restricted to demonic and evil creations)
  • All Void Powers
  • Nonexistence
  • Omnipresence
  • Omniscience


Apocalypse Force Manipulation

like Virus404, Anti-God can manipulate the end forces of existence and call upon the End Times to annihilate entire Universes

Aura Of Torment

Anti-God radiates an aura that makes no Being able to regenerate or magically heal. Code cannot be used to heal. it also means creatures cannot resurrect. This power also means creatures suffer mentally as every evil power in the multiverse mentally and physically attacks them.

Demonic Gaster Blasters Of Ineffable Evil

When Anti-God summons Gaster blasters, any number of 24 eyed black demonic blasters appear. these Blasters when fired let loose a scream that if ANY being who has a soul hears it instantly dies. The beam of the blaster acts as Darkseid's OMEGA beams and can move sharply to wherever Anti-God wills, to be hit by the beam or even touch it deals 666 points of damage. The being must fight with every ounce of DETERMINATION or have their eyes melt from their skull, their bodies deformed n the worst ways, and their heart explode.

Devourer Of Evil

When evil creatures attempt to fight Anti-God or beings attacking out of any form of negative emotion they simply do no damage and make Anti God stronger. They also risk being simply absorbed by Anti God into an eternal hell where their bodies are deformed like animals.

AU Corrupter

Anti-God can prevent RESETS, RESPAWN, REFUSE, OVERRIDES, and SAVES from being done in the AU. Anti God may decide to change the mood of the AU to any dark setting or mood he wishes.

Presence Of Death

When at any completed AUs, all plant life quickly die and heaven screams as his very existence radiates all Evil and Unholy things. water turns to blood, the sky (if any) becomes dark, Animal life quickly becomes terrified and sometimes kill themselves, die from birth defects, or just outright die. People murder and kill themselves in the most violent and confusing ways.

Presence Of Overwhelming Terror

Creatures around Anti-God must resist being afraid in ANY form away whether it concerns Anti God or not or they instantly turn to fine dust.

Lord Of Grim Reapers

Anti-God can manipulate, control, and create death on AUs. He may choose to simply kill everything or make creatures die in whatever fashion he likes as long these creatures do not include characters outside their own AU

Herald Of The Apocalypse

When Anti-God Enters an AU in his full form, he brings with him the apocalypse. He causes nature and disasters to go off the charts. he causes supercell storms(very powerful storms) famine, and plagues of any types he desires with any amount of speed he wishes.

Scream Of Demented Torture

When creatures hear this scream they immediately relive every bad thing or emotion they have EVER felt in their lives in seconds. resulting in almost immediate death. These screams come from Antis blasters. The only way to defect this is to have no memory or emotion, or be very good at repressing.

Claws of Eternal Suffering

When Anti-God uses his claws he may choose to cause the creature to deform and cause them to feel the absolute max amount of pain possible in every nerve in their body, this fiery pain lasts forever and NEVER ends unless a god who can code games cures it.

Organic Disruption

Anti-God can choose to corrupt or alter organic matter. Due to his evil and powerful presence, Anti most likely does this without knowing anyways,,,,,

Lord Of Shadows

Anti-God can move through, manipulate, increase, and create solid objects from shadows.


Anti-God can de-create things, allowing to completely obliterate creations of others and to rip apart AUs from the surface codes to the bottom binary.

Soul Manipulator

Anti-God can manipulate and corrupt the souls of others.

Perfect Blood Manipulation

Anti-God can manipulate, boil, harden, and alter blood perfectly. Anti-God Sans usually uses this ability to make creatures blood boil inside their bodies or cause them unfathomable amounts of pain.

Negative Emotion Manipulation

Anti-God can make creatures feel any type of negative emotion such as greed, lust, hate, depression, fear, jealousy, envy, and others of the sort. This ability primarily helps the descent of AUs into pure madness.


Anti-God Knows basically everything for he receives information from all evil things, he also can form anywhere in the multiverse EXPECT Undertale, De-Bug Realm, Omega Timeline, and CyberCore.


Anti-God can be anywhere at any time except for these places:

Stare Of Slaughter

When creatures/beings who are not emotionless, make eye contact with Anti-God, these are the things that will happen to the creatures:

  • Eyes melt out of their sockets
  • Their hearts explode
  • They Puke out all of their organs
  • They are gripped in a seizure and shake violently
  • Their skins boil and began to blister
  • The veins in the body explode
  • Skeletons become loose and fall apart (horrible if you're a skeleton...)

Swords Of Ultimate Decay

Anti-God can summon a limitless amount of large black great swords that hover and move to the will of Anti-God. these swords can be thrown and launched at people or be used like normal sword fighting. Being hit deals 60 damage and the body rots from inside out each hit, causing bones to crumble away, slimes to become loose and dead, flesh to rot away, eyes to shrivel up, and creatures to crumble into dust

Create Nonexistence

Anti-God can choose to make people or things nonexistent. When used on a person the victim becomes simply nonexistent, everything and everyone who knew about him suddenly will have his very memory erased. The timeline is then altered to fill in the victims gap in reality, and the only beings who will remember will be gods. If Anti-God decides to do this with an AU, the Multiverse "forgets" about the AU and it is dragged into the nightmarish reality of Dead!ales.

Nightmare Master

Anti-God can enter and control the dreams of other creatures, causing nightmares and dreadful feelings in the victim. Anti God can also become the victims greatest fear


1) The requirements to defeat Anti-God is very specific, only a person fighting with no negative intent, no ounce of evil inside them, must be pure of heart, and must not cause damage, but use forgiveness to heal. Anti-God, which in turn, kills him but he will be back after a year. When Anti-God comes back, he will be weak until he can gather enough strength to be truly reborn.

2) Anti-God does not have a true form of individuality (he does not have the capacity to think individually). He is driven by every bit of evil to exist.

3) Anti-God has a tendency to become dormant for most of the time.

4) Creatures who are immune to non-code based powers are quite safe from his stare, presence, and organic/bodily things, but not immune to direct attacks.

5) Beings who are Unable to feel ANY emotion are completely immune to Anti-God.

Signs of Anti-God in an AU

When Anti God is working in an AU, the signs of him being there can be small at first but can grow quickly. These are some signs of his presence (but are not limited to):

  • All water sources turn into blood, resulting in massive dehydration.
  • Increase of famine and disease.
  • Gory heads on staffs are found across the AU.
  • The world has a dark and creepy feel.
  • The shadows grow and become far darker.
  • Animals go insane, murder each other, and slowly die off.
  • Organic matter slowly dies off.
  • Weather patterns become erratic and overwhelming.
  • Gravity in the AU becomes unstable.
  • Magic becomes Corrupted and hard to use.
  • No one can heal anymore in any way.
  • SAVES, RESETS, and other buttons of the like do not work anymore.
  • People start to vanish rapidly/go missing.
  • People start to become murderous and insane.
  • An influx of extremely violent nightmares.
  • People began to commit suicide; those who weren't suicidal began to express suicidal thoughts and actions.
  • War breaks out
  • Space and time slowly crumbles in the AU.
  • Reality becomes twisted and demonic.

Relationships (Servants, Bosses, Allies, Enemies)

Anti-God has only a few people who he reports to. His servants may not even know they serve him, because he is the epitome o evil. Those who are evil and less powerful then him may already be doing his bidding. His bosses are the very few people who control and command him. There is only three people who can boss him around: Infinity Code, Virus404, and Mother Virus.

Allies are beings who will try to team up with him or are people who try to gain his favor (green=team up) (red=gain favor). Enemies are those who Anti-God hates and will usually go out of his way to obliterate.

Horror!Sans Infinitey Code Root!Virus Flow3y (green) Ink Sans OD!Sans
Virus404 Horror Ink Sans (red) King Multiverse
Drazen Dreemurr Mother Virus HATE Papyrus (red) Omnipotent Sans
Underfell Gaster Shadow God (Brother) Core Frisk