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Arn's Winter Quest is an Earthbound rom hack/fangame/Undertale AU by Radiation (Toby Fox)

It follows the adventures of Arn and their friend,Ness.


The story can be summed up in about a sentence. Arn and their Friend Ness go on a quest to find "The Annual Gift Man" To either get a gift or prove him to be fake (the dialouge at the beginning is very confusing to Chung789) They meet friends and enemies along the way.

Battle System

There is no spare system,for the most part. Humans can use magic too,which leads to this next part...

Fan Theories

One fan-theory says that this,along with happens before Undertale,due to the Humans having access to magic,which the Humans used to seal Monsters underground (Basically,Humans had access to magic before,and lost it sometime before Frisk's journey.)

Another one is that Arn is Chara's Father. This is because they share the trademark smile and cheeks.



Arn is the protagonist,obviously. They appear to have a beard,which implies they are an Adult


Ness is the character that inspires Arn to go on a Quest; and it being Ness' fault,he tags along (though this doesn't mean it's the reason he does)


Sherm appears to be an Orange,or some type of sentient citrus.


Dog is a humanoid..dog.


With this being the first game Toby Fox made,Undertale,Ebhalloween(Earthbound Halloween Hack),and Deltarune could be considered AUs of it.

Toby-Fox's Ness first appears in this game as a main character- he later appears in Ebhalloween as an NPC confused about their identity. While they appear to be different (implying that Ebhalloween is an AU of Arn's Winter Quest) Ness-es,this would still be the first time a character in a previous Toby Fox game,appears in the next one.

There is a Dog as a main character in this game,and another as one in Ebhalloween. This could possibly be foreshadowing to The Annoying Dog from Undertale.

Arn could have been in inspiration for Chara,as they have the trademark smile and cheeks; they even wear green.