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Azirix’s is perpetually calm to the point of being expressionless. However, this bellies an incredibly analytical mind that allows him to notice details his opponent would miss.


Trojan Horse

This power allows Azirix’s to replicate, copy, and mimic the exact appearance of a person along with abilities which can only be used while being the person. When others look into Azirix’s codes while he is using trojan horse, it will make the HP, DEF, files and other information seem exactly like the individual along with their soul, it even mimics the body's natural responses and autonomy making him undefinable

Almighty Law Creation

He can create laws that are unbreakable by any means. Everything is subject to him, including Existence, Reality, Truth, and Logic.

Deadly Tornado

He can create an extremely large tornado. This tornado has the same gravitational pull as a black hole, and any living thing (except Azirix's) that is sucked in will be torn into molecules. This tornado can also fire out lightning bolts that can severely corrupt code for anyone hit by it


This ability allowing him to view up to one thousand individuals from a distance and through obscuring barriers and identify their weak points


He knows everything about the Multiverse

Force Field

He can create a white force field that can withstand almost any attack and ability. Anyone who gets hit by this force field will be turned into a form of energy that he can absorb

Code Transmutation

He can transmute code of basically everything that have code. He can transmute code into everything he wants like weapon, animal,.... But this ability will drain a lots of his mana


He can replicate anything such as himself, objects, powers, and anything else he can imagine

Super Regeneration

Azirix’s possesses the ability to regenerate at high speeds allowing him to withstand even Infinity Blades of Virus404!Sans and he is still able to regenerate with ease


He can teleport to another place, dimension and reality and he can also teleport someone to his position regardless who they are


He can Decay everything by touching, this ability is strong enough that even getting hit with a stray piece of decaying rubble would be enough to kill a person. He also has a greater degree of control, allowing him to choose specific targets not to hit with his Decay, which he did to spare several of his allies


  • His eyes can see things beyond the fictional
  • He has changed his name from Alex to Azirix’s
  • His real name’s Alex
  • His backstory has been erased from the History