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-Banary Code was the first child of Glitch Fatal and Alpha Breaker, and he and his brother were sent to AU, later known as EraseTale, to live with Gaster and another brother, Papyrus. Banary was very intelligent from a young age, often helping Gaster in the lab while his two younger brothers were playing around. One day Gaster had an accident and disappeared, he was very sad but still tried to finish Gaster's experiment, it was finally completed but also because of that he had to do a new task: "protect the code" due to Glitch Fatal requested, from then until the EraseTale Multiverse event, Banary Code remained at The Void with Gaster to protect EraseTale's code from malicious viruses.


-Banary Code is quite overbearing and often has hobbies with others, especially Error! Sans and Erase Sans. Banary Code loves memes, Banary Code is very comfortable with everyone, even in battle, he still indifferently does not care how strong his opponent is.


-Banary Code wears a shirt similar to most sans but is a dark green color of the same color as his eye sockets, white inside with a green family emblem, he takes the form of a striped Sans. Error! Sans, black shorts, black shoes, a light brown fluffy jacket. Surrounding are sequences of code that divide 0 and 1


-Throwing code: you can throw binary 0-1 codes of medium damage and varied sizes and use freely

-Code Blaster: This type of Gaster Blaster can shoot a beam of code that does high damage, it can kill viruses and creatures.

-Code Bone: This type of bone has fast speed and high defense, average dame

-Lag: Banary Code can make your battle room became lag making it difficult for the enemy to defeat him

-Cable code: functions the same as Error! Sans cables but it also has the ability to pass codes that damage Soul

-Code Wall: Create a wall to defend yourself and your allies with extreme DEF

-Access: he can access anyone he wants, as long as they're weaker than him

#form of transformation - transformation: God Code: when death is needed, Banary Code will be provided with the code and power of Glitch Fatal that makes him in this form strong enough to beat Error404 in Butterfly666 form and maintain until Glitch Fatal feels the fight is over and retrieves his code and Banary Code will not die after using this forrms.

#New skills at God Code forrms:

-Skills Enhancement: increases the power of all skills he has

-Code Blaster Ultra: creates Gaster Blasters 1000 times more powerful than the original

-Fatal Code: shoots out a binary code that is fatal even if they are gods


-Banary Code can't defeat Error! Sans

-Banary Code is only 5% stronger than Xans

-Binary Code does not like role-playing games like MU the great angel H5 (a Vietnamese Game)


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