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During Devourgeddon's birth, she also was born with Devourgeddon. Before Devourgeddon is gonna sleep, it saw her and attacked her because it is the source of Darkness and she is the source of Light. Devourgeddon thought she is dead, but she lost big amount of her power and Devourgeddon went to its sleep. She woke up in different place... she realized she is not dead she just lost big amount of her power. All she want is defeat Devourgeddon.



She is easygoing and likes puns for Judge but she has cold personality. She doesn't like to communicate peoples. During in fight, she doesn't have mercy.


She wears long green jacket with brown lines on it. She has a black mask with yellow lines on it on her face and she has sportive blue shoes. She has a red wristband on her wrist. This hides her weapon. Her eye color is golden and blue. She has brown hair. She has black bandages on her wrists. She has scar on her left eye. Her scar is a gift from Devourgeddon.


Boundless Light Manipulation:

She can boundlessly manipulate light in any type of light manipulation in all scales.


Her existence is beyond absolute, which means she will exist forever and any type of erasure won't work. Any attack cannot affect to her. Any attacks from strongest beings cannot harm, kill, effect or corrupt in any way.

Ruptured Existence:

This ability grants beyond infinite amount of power. She has this ability because of she lost big amount of her power.

Absolute İnvisibility:

When she uses this ability she can be invisible in any type. She can be invisible for even all-seeing beings.

Full Restore:

She can bring anyone or anything from all type of destruction. She can bring someone from even Absolute Destruction


Though she has a LOT OF Determination, she can use SAVE, MERCY, ATTACK, PAUSE and START options.   

Claw of Determination:

This weapon is red claw. İt can harm anything and anyone. It can ignore any type of defense. she can be able to destroy a multiverse with it.




Beyond was his servant and she is thankful about him because he gave her abilities and her power.

Judge & Nova

They were know each other so well.She is their teacher.


She is his archenemy. She will do everything for stop Devourgeddon.