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Beyond is a Sans that is responsible for guarding all of the Omniverse and every single thing within it. Although he may appear evil to some, he is actually a true hero to the Omniverse.


Beyond has a sort of black and white tinted skull, the same goes for his teeth. He has two gigantic black horns attached to his head. He wears a black cape and a sort of black jumpsuit-like garment. He has a smile that is much wider than Undertale Sans' smile.


Despite having to constantly protect the Omniverse from any kind of danger possible, Beyond is actually quite a friendly person.


Weak to higher Omni-Abilities


  • Teleportation
  • Telekinesis
  • The ability to grow and shrink at will
  • Nigh Omnipotence
  • OmniShield - When somehow damaged enough, Beyond will activate his OmniShield. It is a grey force-field that can withstand virtually anything, even something beyond all of the Omniverse's power.
  • LAST HOPE - When he's nearly ready to die, Beyond will open his teeth to fire a black and white beam that can wipe out virtually anything that touches its light, not even Ultra God!Sans will be able to survive it.
  • Reality Warping - He can change and bend reality in a really high level
  • Chain of Nowhere - He will open a gate and from within that gate there will be thousands of chains pulling whoever he want into the center of nowhere(Chain of Nowhere is a unique ability that cannot obtain by omnipotence, true omnipotence, metapotence,...etc and even the creator cannot get this ability). The chain is made of something that transcends understanding of all things.
  • The Purest Gift - He can give someone an random ability. Beyond's gifts are unpredictable because they depend on whether your heart is pure or not. If your heart is not pure, you will receive a weak ability, but if you have a pure heart, you will receive an extremely strong ability and maybe it even surpasses the power of Beyond. The ability that Beyond bestowed would not harm him, and Beyond had the right to take away The Purest Gift back.
  • High Regenration - He can regenerate at a level that 10 times stronger than the atomic level.



King Omniverse Sans (Friend)

OmniCreationSans (Friend)

King omniverse the 1st king of the omniverse/King of all verses ( enemy )


  • Beyond is one of the most powerful beings in the entire Omniverse, even passing OmniBreaker by Infinity
  • Apollyon(sans) is equal with beyond(sans)


Art made by Alterna team