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"its the same, yet its different at the same time"- awsome! sans


it used to be a normal undertale au, but during the fight, sans got some help by gaster and as a result the human kept dying over and over to him. also when the fight with sans/gaster happened it was on the 999 genocide timeline. and when the human kept reseting, the timeline corrupted and when it corrupted, the entire timeline changed, and sans became 20% gaster. now it was a new au called "bg-awsome!ale." the reason it has bg in the name is because there is already an au called awsome!tale. so i just put a water mark, as i like to be called bg/bgyt on the internet.

about the picture, the line on his right eye is a crack in the skull, that happened as a result of the gaster fusion, also the reason that he has no hole in his eye on the left picture, is because thats his version of his bad time mode.


he has the normal stuff classic sans has, but he also has:

1: lime green powers, which if blocked by lime green soul power, will damage you, and if the dark green powers are NOT blocked by the lime green soul power you get damaged.