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-When an unknown Gaster is traveling around the multiverse looking for something, he finds a corpse of a Sans. It was strange that the corpse had not turned to dust so he brought the corpse back to his universe and studied it. After a while of research he had achieved nothing so he decided to revive the corpse to ask all the questions he needed to ask. When the corpse was revived, an enormous amount of power immediately released and destroyed everything. The corpse immediately killed everything it saw because its mind was in turmoil and in the end both Gaster and Au were destroyed. In the end, the body left so that it could regain its memory and everything else


-He is a very cheerful and optimistic person. Even so, there are times when he becomes extremely brutal and cruel


-Binary Blaster : This blaster will destroy everything it contact with with a binary encoding effect

-Code Ray : He will shoot out a blue ray. This ray will break anyone's code and make that person extremely tired

-Revert to Zero : This ability will automatically turn on if he is in critical condition. This ability will reverse time and reverse everything back to zero

-Cell Manipulation : He can shape and manipulate the cells of any sort of organism, including the functions of the cells in the organism. He can help to circulate oxygen in the body, make cells heal any sort of wounds, or fight off disease.

-Mind Resistance : His mind is immune with every thing that can affect his mind

-Air Wall : Binary can create circular shields made of compressed air to shield himself. To create this defense he needs to raise his hand in a particular direction at a time. The barriers can also be layered for greater protection. He can also use the shield to blast people away or fire powerful bursts of pressurized air able to knock down and even stun the opponent. Air Walls are only created in the direction Binary raises his hand, so agile enemies can maneuver to avoid the shield and attack unprotected areas

-Access : Allow him to go to different timeline, Au and dimension

-Time Erasure : This ability can be made to last up to 10 seconds. "During" this period of erased time, only Binary remains fully conscious and is the only one who can re-adjust his actions. Other people will be unable to experience anything that happens and will continue to act as they would have. After the effect of the ability ends, all people other than Binary will retain no memories of anything that happened during the erased period. After the allotted time frame, people will suddenly find themselves in the situation they were supposed to be in afterwards

-P.o.w.e.r form : This form will activate when he use all of his powers. This form is quite strong because this form can compare if not stronger than the B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y form of Error404 and this form is really close to the power of B.U.T.T.E.R.F.L.Y666 form of Error404

+New abilities when using this form :

  • Dimensional Immunity : When in the P.o.w.e.r form his dimensional existence is really high and because of that he cannot be affect by lower dimensional being
  • Space-time Distortion : Just by existing, he can cause the distortion in space-time while in this form
  • Stronger : His abilities and his physical strength will become 20 times stronger when using this form
  • Dark Arts : He can manipulate darkness, shadow and everything else that related to dark. He also has a lot of experience with this ability so he can use this ability with no problem
  • Elementary Particle : He can manipulate elementary particle that create everything in the universe. Allowing him to control and create everything exist in the universe


Banary Code Sans-Friend
X-God Sans-Friend


-He likes to eat French Fries

-He has regained his memories and everything else

-He hates being command by others

-I know his backstory is terrible