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Before being corrupted he was friendly like his brothers and help them for searching treasures. Unfortunately for him since he will be rejected by the people of his town same if they did like him before, well since his accident he got rejected and he does not understand why that his brothers got all the credits while him do not. Same if he was kind in first he will want revenge later, because he will make everyone pay.


He wear a red buttoned shirt with a purple flat cap on his head he has white bones skin at first with one open black eye and one eye missing from his accident and wear green pants and brown shoes, while corrupted he wear the same clothes except he's all red.


In the prologue he accompany his brother on the treasure hunt, like Hunter he didn't believe Treasurer when he says he found the treasure chamber, he followed him until they all finds out he was a bit surprised by his brothers looking at all the treasures there. Of course, Hunter wanted to bring the Fire Ruby statue which Treasurer accept as he already have the goldman statue in his pocket while Blind says nothing but have some gold in his pockets.