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Information: Blox Inversion is not like an inverted AU, but its former name is Blox!Tale. Its an Roblox x Undertale crossover. It has deep lore, this game was also made in Roblox. It is still being worked on, with the first area almost finished. This will bring a crazy adventure in your hands...

Darkness Temple: This is the first area, some puzzles and yeah, more will be shown on the wiki for this page.

Darkened Falls: The second area, harder puzzles, and not much, you also need a lantern from a character to see there.

Encryption Lair: The middle of darkness and sun. It offers encryption puzzles like reading binary and randomized mazes.

Sunlands: This is where puzzles get really hard, but not too unbareable. There is also no boss unless you are doing genocide or TE. (True Ending)

Power Plant: This is where all the power is sent through Robloxia's Developer Realm. The puzzles are also really difficult here... And every monster you encounter is Max Form.

Ancient Hall: This is the final stretch to the Kingdom. Its a bunch of puzzles that are EXTREMELY DIFFICULT. Better be good at puzzles! This is also where you can start all the TE Events. good luck, someones at the other side.

Kingdom: This is the Kingdom... You meet KING BLOXXER here. Its time to end this.


Shade (Theme: Shady Business)

Comic (Theme: Comical Retribution)

alt. (Theme: OOFLOVANIA)

King! (Likes to be called king to confuse poeple.) (Theme: BlockTrousle)

Beattle (Themes: BEATle Winner and Striking Evil Down)

Fun/Tiger (Theme: Research Monster)

Blox!Talent Show Runner: Super! (Themes: Ice Crusher, Cool Glammer, and Ice Storm)

KING BLOXXER (Themes: Blox Crusher and BLOXXER)

Guest (Themes: Special Hope, Lost Hope, and Hope of Robloxia)

Jax (Theme: Robloxian Power)

(All themes are wip, there will be links to them when finished)