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" God, we're like... SO hyped for the destruction of humanity. "
– Conversation about Asgore Dreemurr

Bratty and Catty are a pair of vendors that can be found in an alley to the right of the MTT Resort. They are best friends, often saying the same lines or finishing sentences for each other (usually in the American valley-girl dialect), and both are big fans of Mettaton. They have several wares found from the Garbage Dump, including the Mystery Key. They are the minor characters of Undertale.



Bratty is a tall, green alligator monster that wears a primarily pink shawl with yellow and blue details on the sides. She has yellow hair that flows into curls.

Catty is a plump purple cat creature who wears a set of blue overalls with yellow buttons and tufts of yellow hair coming out from under it on either side. She has black hair with a blue streak in it, and a yellow earring on her left ear.

Stuff that they sell

Junk Food – 25G

"Heals 17HP Has a big bite out of it."

Empty Gun – 350G "Weapon: 12AT Bullets NOT included"

Cowboy Hat – 350G "Armor: 12DF ATTACK up when worn."

Mystery Key – 600G

"????? Probably to someone's house LOL"

Main Story

For the main story: Enter this link

AUs that include Bratty and Catty

  • UnderFell
  • UnderSwap
  • SwapFell
  • DeltaRune
  • UnexpecterChanged
  • OverTale
  • GoreTale
  • HorrorTale
  • HorrorFell
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  • Inverted Fate
  • PolterSwap
  • Underswap: Aeris
  • UnderGrief
  • Genderbent! Bratty and Catty
  • Freaktale
  • Turnedtables: The star of meiroga
  • Changing the Story
  • Magitale
  • TS!Underswap
  • Nightmare Story



  • Bratty and Catty's names are both actual words. Bratty can describe a spoiled, impudent, and ill-mannered child (most likely referring to Bratty's lack of formality and respect). Catty can mean either "deliberately hurtful in one's remarks" (referring to how some dialogue can be seen as intentionally disrespectful) or "catlike" (referring to their appearance and demeanor). The names "Bratty" and "Catty" also rhyme with each other.
  • Bratty and Catty bear a resemblance to the characters of Caroline Wesbox and Max Black (respectively) on the CBS Show 2 Broke Girls. Conspicuous similarities include that both sets of friends are:
    • A blonde and a brunette
    • One tall and lean, one shorter and plump
    • Down on their luck, trying to make their fortune
    • Mildly ditzy in mannerisms and dialogue
  • If "Bratty" is typed for the character's name, the response becomes "Like, OK I guess."
  • If "Catty" is typed for the character's name, the response becomes "Bratty! Bratty! That's MY name!"
  • Their apparent species are puns; Catty is an alley cat, and Bratty is an alley-gator, and they talk like valley girls.
  • They can both be seen in the True Pacifist Ending Credits watching Mettaton's stage show.[1]