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Broken!Justice is a alternate version of Justice! from a genocide timeline, that became the god of Justice and Truth.





He looks like justice, but he wears his Papyrus' scarf (sometimes), and a heart locket. he also has tentacles, the word "Justice" floating around his head, Gaster hands around him, and cracks on his head. He also has a soul thats half Justice and CORRUPTION.


Acts almost the same as Justice except he judges people more harshly and hates people that have high LV's.

Powers and abilities


-Bone manipulation

-Gravity manipulation (Blue magic)


-Telepathy (mostly so he can Judge)

-Soul constructs (summoning weapons)

-Void tentacles (gained after spending along time in the void)

-Being able to sense GENOCIDE timelines and GENOCIDERS

-Ability to go to Dark Universes (CORRUPTED or Destroyed timelines)

-Cant die of old age


-Gaster hands

-Time and space manipulation

-Super strength

-super speed

- Stat editing


-His glitches-easy to kill hurt when they happen (which you can tell are happening when he starts speaking in either Gibberish or symbols)

-his rage

-His hate of high LV characters



ATK:100 (not inluding karma)

HP: 10 000

Heal attacks: full HP heals

Eye colours

Normal white with a red and yellow pupil: normal/neutral

Flashing yellow and red: Attacking

Pure white eye sockets: reading minds, or when hes getting "notified" of a GENOCIDE or GENOCIDER

Blue with a yellow star in the middle: happy or excited

Flashing yellow eyes that look like their on fire: Angry or annoyed

Blue eyes: sad or tired

Pink with red heart: love (only with Frisk)

Black: serious or Hateful

Dark Green: envious

Light green: kind

Rainbow: drunk

Gold: Creative

Red: Rage




-His favourite colour is Yellow

-his LV is gained from killing Genociders

-If you mention any of his old (dead) friends he will freeze up and may even start crying

-he breaks the 4th wall ALOT