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Broken!Soul is a negative AU, where everyone is Corrupt and insane, or scared and cowardly.

Broken!Soul's color palette is mainly all shades of grey and black, with some greyish brown for wood, and shades purple.


A long time ago, Monsters and humans thrived and studied together. But the humans grew greedy with the amount of power of knowledge and military. The humans triggered a war between the to races and drove the monsters underground. Over time the humans became separated from the other humans and more and more wars sparked, and caused the human race started falling apart. Underground however, the monsters thrived in science and technology. One day though, a experiment went terribly wrong, effecting the whole underground. Those majorly effected where altered into corrupt, insane and murderous monsters, that ruled over the cowardly, fearful and weak monsters.


Broken!Soul Frisk

Broken!Soul Chara

Broken!Soul Flowey (Alive, helps)

Broken!Soul Toriel (kills, dies)

Broken!Soul Sans (kills)


Broken!Soul Papyrus (dies)

Broken!Soul Undyne (kills and dies)

Broken!Soul Mad dummy (kills)

Broken!Soul Metatton (kills)

Broken!Soul Muffet (kills, and dies)

Broken!Soul Metatton EX (dies)

Broken!Soul Asgore (Kills, dies)

Broken!Soul Asriel (dead)