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COLORSCREEN!Tale is an AU where all the characters are broken versions of sans. They all resemble Error Sans in ways.

Story ( FINALLY )

A timeline was made of undertale a few days after the release of undertale. The timeline was peaceful, until Fatal_Error entered the timeline. He killed everybody, and took the papyrus. Sans' code was destroyed and copied over many versions, which is the reason why there is more than one sans.

Many years past, the AU forgot. Ink found a page in the doodle sphere, broken and torn. He pieced it together, then teleported there. He saw the entire underground in shambles, and many errors talking. He alerted Error Sans, which came there too. Error Sans got mad, and tried to kill them. HE GOT BODIED. He ran away, as did ink.



He is the main sans of this story, and he is a pretty chill dude. He resembles a mix of Error 404, Dust, and normal Error.


He is PurpleScreen's best friend, and is almost just like him. He looks like a red sans, with his eyes with triangles through them.


He has a blue and white jacket, with blue tears on his face.

He is also one of PurpleScreen's friends.


(backstory being changed)


He was also in the event of the FUN change.

He has strings on the top of his eyes instead of the bottom. He also has a yellow jacket.


The abscence of all color.

Destroyer of anything.