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CRITICAL_tale is just like the classic timeline but has a human who stayed with Toriel and learned Ice magic and was nice to Toriel who taught them magic, but he soon left met Sans and Papyrus and lived with them.

the purple soul human is a companion to frisk in the Pacifist run and Neutral run but if you gain LV 2 to 20 he fights you, the more you kill the deadlier he fights. He meets you in Snowdin Forest instead of sans and shakes your hand, he decides to watch over and guide them as companion and can see your LV and is shocked or horrified to see you kill things and runs away at a certain LV.


If you kill Papyrus he tries to fight you but runs after his 4th attack, he fights alongside Sans in the last corridor using ice blasters and iceicals, if you kill sans he is in pure rage and his eyes bleed due to magic usage cracking his soul and fights you without mercy going more insane each attack but shatters his own soul from fighting you and says "Well that was... unexpected... heh...Cya in hell kid." then dies after it. This is how a normal Genocide timeline goes.


After 8753 Genocide runs he remembered The fights... The suffering... The death... The pain... And killed all the monsters in the ruins and snowdin before the human fell down so he can kill the human. The time they fell he got finished in Snowdin and started on Waterfall killing all the things in his path. After he killed undyne he saw the human child and killed them without hesitation but they loaded and he killed undyne again and instantly left after they killed undyne again knowing the human will soon kill them if he fights them.

So he when to Hotland, (40 LEFT) He killed all the monsters in sight and entered The Core to kill Mettaton, but the human got there first and killed Mettaton before they got there and he fled to New Home and killed anything in his way including flowey and went to the last corridor ready to fight sans but sans understood why he was killing and let them kill them and the human told asgore to absorb the 5 souls and fight with him but asgore tried to fight the human and died trying to kill them.


The fallen human's steps Echoed in the corridor and the only two in the underground met the purple soul human said "well here we are. Isn't it funny, i killed them all for what you did to us yet you stand here" the human draws their knife but is killed again and again over 9357 times, but he grabbed the soul before it scattered into a million pieces and absorbed it gaining power as the timeline turned blank he sat down and sighed  then said "it is over isn't it." and fell asleep in his blank AU.  


Many years later he realized he is not ageing at all and is still 18. He felt his eye get scratched and it was painful he ripped out his left eye and under his eye was red razor wire he put it under his eye socket ​​​​​​ in pain so much pain. He sat there for a VERY long time not knowing what to do until he saw the AUs in pacifist timelines and they were happy he wanted them to be happy to have the life he never had. he knew he was CRITICAL_error and he was going to genocide timelines and stopping the mindless genocide in all the AUs he could and he heard his frisk they were a ghost and wanted to change like CRITICAL_error and so he helped them.