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Significantly, CasualTale is A Alternate Universe. Idk Why I Made This. You could do whatever you want.


Fredbear Plush

This here is a Plush. Don't be Fooled by This Guy because The Pellets he gives you aren't Friendship Pellets, Instead, Harmful Chemical Pellets.


Yep, This Ain't yo Ordinary Wolf. This Wolf is white and it can Talk. This fellow Wolf saved you from the Fredbear Plush.

Luke Case

Yep, I am in This. I am so much of a Lazy Bones, Even I couldn't Make the Bed. Bonus: if I, The Outgoing Luke Case saw a Playable Antagonist (Risky) alongside The Half Genie, It's Time for a One against Two Brawl, and If Freddy Fazbear Joins in, One Against Three Brawl

Donald Duck

Yeah, That ain't Yo Ordinary Duck. Let me tell you that on the Mickey Mouse Clubhouse Wiki, I saw that he hates Puns.