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Starting off, Cease is a much powerful sans between universes, but not powerful like being able to defeat anyone like, also the fact that he doesn't fight much and he is likely to avoid them unless it's a big deal.

He started off at a little town called "Snowdin Town" with his brother Papyrus, he didn't know anyone around at first, but he got used to it quickly, and another chance to improve his debt with society, in this case not being hated as much for random stuff.

Also mentioning the fact that he is highly addicted to stop signs due to not being educated much, and because one of his attacks is an actual stop sign.

Or that he likes to hang out on a sentry stand with a stop sign just incase someone decides to pass by

Long story short, Genocide happened , he failed at first trying to stop the human, Cease countered the human's determination with his, leading to his Left eye slash and that terrible looking eye, which would also explain why his eye color turned from White to Red


Appearance & Personality

Cease is an ordinary skeleton apart from the fact that he has stolen determination and is hella dumb sometimes , also mentioning the fact that the Frisk in this universe is non existant due to him draining all of it

Due to his determination, cease ATK and DEF increased, so he can mostly take more than 10 hits before entering his state of determination, but that doesn't mean he wont dodge at first.

His right eye crack was caused due to a tree branch falling onto his head, "hey that kinda reminds me of ho-"

He always has a pun for every ocassion, that'll explain why he has a common SANS of humour. "That was not funny"

He somehow never runs out of determination, atlast if he is tired he wont regain as much determination neccessary, meaning he will be weaker unless he finds hope to keep fighting, he CAN lose, but he will not accept defeat that easily

Powers and abilities

Wound damage: Wound Damage, also called "WD" is an effect of KR like anything else, its meaning is the pain brought when being hurt or wounded, if the enemy gets caugh in this effect, cease will gain more power as their HP goes down, due to their pain bringing hope of winning to Cease, but if the enemy dodges more, he will be giving it his all to hit them atleast once.

Red bones: If the enemy touches these red bones, the enemy will loose the ability to jump for a very short time if they're in blue mode, tho he preffers not to use them all at once due to it taking 3% of his determination. 5% if he uses bone zone.

Stop blasters: If the enemy gets hit by any of these blasters, it will slow the enemy down for a very short time, once more with him not abusing of it

Blue mode: Blue mode is like any regular blue mode, tho this one is way more deadly when it comes to his bone zone

Stop Sign: Cease has a stop sign that he can summon from time to time, it can stop time so that cease can have a chance to attack the enemy, tho it drains 30% of his power, so he uses it only when he really wants to prepare special attacks

Determination mode: Due to the determination he absorbed, he uses his determination to get rid of the enemy faster, he goes all out when he is low on hp or in a one way out situation.

DT Mode (Determination Bone zone) : This attack is powerfull to anything with low defense, since it has fast reaction and it's almost impossible to avoid if the enemy is below 20 hp

DT Mode (Determination Blaster): This is just like a regular stop blaster, tho it also decreases the enemy's defense at the same time, it only lasts till cease's turn is over, which then the enemy will regain their starting defense

DT Mode (True Determination mode) : Cease uses this as their final attack since it's his final strike and will take down the enemy for real if they fail to dodge it or if they have low defense, he uses his final power to summon random blasters that aim for the enemy, while random bones fly to the enemy, it can be hard, but not impossible if the enemy is over 50 hp


Desist Chara (Enemy?): Although they are enemies due to the genocide stuff, Cease sees her as a friend, and because he calls her Desist so it can fit in whenever trying to reffer to them, although she hates him pretty much alot, they hang out most of the time, since there is not much to do in their AU

HardTale!Sans (Possible Enemy) : Cease is so curious about hardtale sans, tho he sees him as a classic enemy that he can possibly defeat, and he wishes to challenge him to a fight, tho he only wants to in a friendly battle and not as a fight to the death

Fatal_Error (Possible fear) : cease is scared of this guy , even tho he never met em , he is scared because of his description and name , he wishes he never met up with that guy, because he doesn't know if he's capable of defeating him or not with the power of determination.

CeaseTale Papyrus (brother): he has his brother papyrus by his side, Even if papyrus' intelligence isn't as great as cease, Papyrus likes to do puzzles to capture humans, tho his puzzles are actually usefull and are way harder to complete than anyone could expect, they both get along too well and they love each other as the brothers they are, cease wouldn't hesitate to end anyone who dares to hurt his brother