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"“I’m you....and you..and you too. Just not a sans, that’d be cliche"

-Ceros speaking to Error!sans, Virus!Sams, and other corrupted sanses.


Ceros is quiet yet when given the opportunity loves to tell stories. Ceros isn’t very humorous and leaves the joking to everyone else. He’s rather smooth and doesn’t take criticism very hardly. At times he is lazy, but other times (and mostly) he is semi-energetic. He likes to assist people with things, especially Professor Error with his experiments.


Ceros is a black being with its legs replaced by a sludge like substance. He has his arms floating around him to which have green claws. He has a yellow triangle eye with a red exclamation mark along with a purple left eye with a lime pupil. He has a white crack near his eye being a mark left from Anomaly 0. His right horn is green with his left horn having a blue outline and white on the inside with an error message on it. Sometimes he has a little devil with a green spade at the end.


Professor Error was lonely and had lost everyone close to him, so he had decided to create his own family. He gathered all the corruptions he could find in the multiverse and made someone he wouldn’t have to worry about dying so easily. He named his creation ceros and anointed him with the role as scientist. Ceros had learned all about his father and swore to be like a brother to him despite being his technical son. As the production of more anomalies began, he treated the anomalies like brothers as most technically were. After the resurrection of an anomaly in coma, thought to be dead, occurred, he had made his very best friend who would eventually become his love interest. As time went by he became friends with the people there and lived wonderfully. Things flipped upside-down however by the death of Professor error in the successful attempts to neutralize anomaly 0. Sadness loomed over the lab as everyone missed the Professor but a successor of anomaly 0 broke free and killed an employee who the oldest younger brother of ceros loved, forcing this brother to descend into insanity and ceros assembling a team to stop him. In the end ceros has to, with a heavy heart, kill his little brother to save the others.


-=Quick Note: the reason as to why Ceros can use attacks from other entities is because he is made up of the same corruptions they are made up of, such as errors, viruses, and a bug=-


Black blasters with blue tears and red “error particles” floating around it that shoot a powerful, red beams.


Black bonea with red “error particles” surrounding them that do a powerful amount of damage.


White blasters with binary code particles and either red, blue, or green eyes that shoot rotating beams that vary in color depending on eye color.


Large, white bones with binary code particles that spin around quickly and do massive damage.


A glowing, dark blue spear with a red tip that can pierce through the hardest of enemies.


Red blasters with purple eyes that shoots black beams with a binary code texture on it.


A black scythe with a green, binary blade that cuts things right down the middle.


Black bones with binary code particles that inflicts major damage and trigger KR.


Orange blasters with futuristic visors that shoot beams that can delete weaker sanses (ex: Underfell!Sans. These beings can be archived and redownloaded though).


Glitched Blasters that shoot a static beams capable of corrupting the form of weak beings, and if not having their form corrupted, are paralyzed for 5 minutes.


Glitched bones that can paralyze those who are hit for a minute.


Gray Blasters that shoots beams that rapidly change color don’t cause much damage but creates a feeling of nausea, light headed-ness, confusion, headaches, fear, paranoia, and may even cause a seizure or heart attack. These have also been known to trigger epilepsy for epileptics.


A sabor with a yellow blade, a star-shaped guard that has been known to reset beings it is capable of slicing clean through.


Bones that change color in a static-like fashion that do little damage.


Dark purple, jagged blastera that shoots a black beam in all directions.


These are bones that look like the bones of other sanses/papyruses/gasters but with a red outline to them and they tend to distract easily.


Transparent bones that inflict KR on the effected and causes the inability to concentrate for 15 minutes.


Dark green blaster with gray eyes shoots a beam in 4 directions and spins around.


A dark green trident that can cause severe damage and triggers KR.


Strings that vary in color that wrap around entities and can be used to either send them in another direction or control them (control is limited to power over entities as strong as Delta!Sans, but only lasts for 5 hours).


Ceros can summon hands to block attacks and shoot beams.

Wingding rain

Ceros can make it rain black wingding symbols that do minor damage when hit by yet rain down quickly and are vast in amount

Cyan Bones

Bones that are blue and require for you to stand still to avoid them.

Orange Bones

Bones the are orange and require for you to stand still to avoid them.

Red Bones

Although extremely slow and easy to avoid, if hit you will be reduced to 1hp.

Green Bones

These bones are usually slow yet come in an abundance and when one is hit by them they are hurt but unstable is healed.

Blue Bones

Bones that are unavoidable yet can only be used when the cyan soul is into play and are usually blocked by the patience shield.

Purple Bones

These bones only really appear when the purple soul is activated and stay on the lines as obstacles.

Yellow Bones

These bones only really appear during the yellow soul is activated and must be shot to be avoided.

Gray Bones

Bones that do no damage and are merely used to push.

Blue Soul

He could use telekinesis on you to force you onto walls and attacks.

Orange Soul

When this is activated you cannot stop moving or you take damage.

Cyan Soul

When activated you get the chance to build up shields to block unavoidable attacks if you don’t get it.

Gray Soul

When this is activated gravity continuously sends you the direction you go in without your doing and you may only go a different direction if you turn around.

Yellow Soul

When this is activated you gain a yellow revolver that allows you to shoot attacks. Attacks that are white are destroyed but yellow attacks just subside.

Purple Soul

When this is activated you are forced to switch between lines to avoid attacks.


Although hard to use, ceros can create very real illusions that look too real and convince even the brilliant scientist, Professor Error, it is real.

Code Bugging

Ceros can create tiny little bugs and place them into the code that don’t really cause any harm, but just annoy people.

Memory Manipulation

Ceros, to a certain extent, can manipulate memories and can create false memories, make people forget things, and cause major confusion but comes with a cost: he must forget a memory of his choice.

Corruption Manipulation

The power to bend corruptions like errors and viruses to his will and morph them into whatever he so desires.

C.O.R.R.U.P.T. Form

A form achieved when ceros reaches 1 hp and has his power multiplied by 10, obtaining lower multiversal power.

Corrupted forms

Ceros can change to a special form exclusive to a specific kind of corrupted code that boosts the attacks of the specific corrupted code the form corresponds to (ex: a special error form that boosts his error attacks). Only one form can be used at a time


-Ceros usually appears to make sure anomaly 7, the king of bugs, is not being bullied

-Ceros and Professor Error took anomaly 5 out of introversion.

-Ceros dislikes nightmare!sans for some unknown reason