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He was kicked into the void after Frisk somehow killed him (It was a glitch). He met Underprofile...? Frisk and they worked together to escape the void. UP...? Frisk stole code and souls and gave them to Asriel. Asriel eventually became powerful enough to exit the void. Asriel was not supposed to be outside of the void, so he began to fade. UP...? Frisk gave Asriel more code, this stopped the fading. Asriel looks faded. He has gone insane due to being outside of the void. He has killed the entire timeline, and killed others. Asriel has the appearance of Asriel in his boss fight, but faded. He has no soul strangely.


Reset (Does not effect his stats)

He gained Frisk's soul


Determination Revive

When in second phase, his eye sockets will have red eyes in them.

Undyne Spears

Was given Undyne's code.

Black Chaos Sabers

He can summon these sabers. These also do physical damage.

Star Blazing

Fires red and black stars

Shocking Breaker

Standard ability.

Chaos Buster

Fires a red beam with a white aura.

Reality Distortion

He can use this to distort a timeline. This ability will cause strange anomalies and rifts to occur. This will also cause certain areas in the timeline unsafe. If you travel to one of these areas, you will suffer a distortion poisoning. The effects are: nausea, vomiting, breaking out in hives, and eventually death if not treated. The symptoms for monsters are: blindness, dizziness, failure to do magic, and death.

Light Speed

He is able to go as fast as light, so he can fly or run super fast. He uses this usually for melee attacks. It is really good for combo attacks, plus it is super easy to dodge attacks.

Life Draining

If somebody looks directly into his empty eye sockets, they will have there life force sucked from them. This does not work on corrupted beings, people who have set up code to prevent this, and deities.

Physical Damage Immunity

He is immune to all physical damage. Any physical attack such as a bullet, will phase right through him.

AU Warp Hole

He can open a portal to different AUs and timelines.

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