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"You have to keep faith! The gods want us to be happy!"
– Chara (pre-corruption)

Chara was originally the Acolyte of faith. However, after Sans failed to reap Chara, darkness (powers of death) had passed to Chara. Since that day Chara walks among the realms (both mortal and godly) as a corrupted vessel of darkness. When Asriel died he returned as Flowey (the same satanic flower).


Chara is the first human to ever be created in Reapertale. Chara (pre-corruption) was the last Acolyte of faith to the Gods. Eventually, they were corrupted into the Envoy of Chaos.



As an Acolyte, they wore a brown dress, a matching coat over it. Tied on their shoulders and around their neck with a golden flower pin is a short cape or cloak. They had beautiful red eyes. 


Chara is extremely loyal as they were the last Acolyte still worshiping the gods. Chara is also very determined, to the point where the Death himself hesitated when he tried to reap them.


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