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Chara is an UnderSwap version of Chara from the original UnderTale series, except having Frisk's personality and other things from, again, the original game. who also serves as the main protagonist of UnderSwap.



(Ignore the photo) Chara's appearance is similar to their UnderTale counterpart. They have the same green shirt with the yellow stripe, brown pants, and brown boots. They have the same straight mouth as Undertale Frisk, except their eyes are wide open with the pink cheeks.


Chara's personality is the same as Frisk's from Undertale, their personality should be portrayed as peaceful, depending on the Route they are taking.

They are evil if in a Genocide route, but good in a Pacifist route. Chara is usually portrayed as someone who is happy, merciful, and wanting to help and be friends with everyone.

They still love chocolate like their Undertale counterpart does. They are also as pretty as usual....for Sans I think...?


Chara's abilities are the same as UnderTale Frisk's. They have the same SAVE, FIGHT, MERCY and ACT-ing powers.


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