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Pendulum!Chara, Walks through a completely black portal landing headfirst into a White Void completely like her own but instead it just had a different "Feel" to it she walked forward not saying a peep only to see a tangle of blue strings hiding things from Human Souls to a bar of....chocolate?

Chara - Ah, Great! I was just looking for something to eat...Gaster said stealing was wrong but this place looks abandoned who would live here anyways-

??? - h H e y, h O w d A re Y o u J u s T In Tr U de I n T O s o Me On es Space?

Chara - Uhhh...

Chara attempts to open another portal just to be greeted with the message "NO EFFECT".

Chara - What does that even mea-

Suddenly a blue string is thrown at her she just barely dodge and cut the string with a chain.

Chara - You know i don't like fighting i could just give this back to you and we could be all right K?

Error just ignored her comment, and summoned a giant glitchy blaster aimed straight at her. The shot fired near instantly giving Chara no time to dodge. She instead summoned a few chains to block in front of her suddenly the chains dispersed into dust and the beam went straight at her lowering her HP by a quarter.

Error - yoU AnnoYinG AnOMaliE! I I ReMeMber You, i'Ll mAKE YoU SuFfer.

Chara - Well that's not very nice of you i wasn't trying to steal from you error sure i just happen to be in this place with your chocolate in hand.

Error - tHat's tHe DumBest lie I've Heard.

Error took out more strings and created a web trapping Chara inside, Chara though had a weapon.

[You Equipped the Time Knife]

Chara cut through the strings and did some thinking. She didn't want to hurt or kill error if she even could but she couldn't get out of here anyways she then realized she had access to the REWIND button, she remember putting a Rewind Point in an AU though it may not work in the void she took the risk and pressed the button



She was back in the AU Underswap.

Chara - Phew, i didn't want to deal with him right now Ink should calm him down right now i need to finish my job...

Chara walks forward into the AU Underswap Timeline 100567, She opens a portal and enters the timeline's code and timestream.

Chara - Hmmm, What's wrong with this i don't see anything wrong with it-


Chara - Oh, i see the problem now.

She takes out her Knife again and punctures the core of the timestream making it flash blue brightly after that second the place seemed to flow smoother. She opened another portal going back to her own Void where she found her Golden Heart locket

Chara - ...I still, don't know who this is from, im forgetting something for sure and i have no idea what i am. Through all the timelines i went none of them had a Chara like me.

She put on the locket and took out a phone