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Chimera-Project is an au, with a different story, mostly about chimera and the place where they are being jailed, "Reverse Tower". It focus on the guardian of this world Discorde!sans.

Her duty, hunting down chimera, who are trying to escape, stopping them form causing chaos and destruction.


An Evil kind of being, made of determination and hate. Usually portrayed as high pitched black creature with pink eyes. Most of the time cruel and violent, fighting and killing each other, especially the weakest one. Chimera are ranked by their number of eyes, a lot of eyes mean a strong and powerful individual. Opposite mean weakness. Despite the fact that time has no effect on them. Chimera own two main weakness, the sunlight and their eyes.

Reverse Tower

Between the world of the living and the dead, a jail made a long time ago to lock down a mirror able to grant wishes and sinful peoples. Usually seen as an old story as legend made to scare children.Only desperate peoples going in such place,trying to find the mirror. (More information will be added in the future...).

The hidden lands

Somewhere in this universe, far away form corrupted hearts, there a land. The Tree of Life is there, waiting, searching for a hero. A noble and pure heart, that will protect the multiverse form corruption, stopping it falling into chaos and despair. Finding someone to wield the legendary blade Oberon, someone that wouldn't fall apart no matter.


Characters might look similar to their original versions, but their personality completely got transformed.

There twin sanses, both are girls and have been given birth by a human.

New place called Reversed Tower and the Hidden lands

There no equivalent for Asriel, since Chimera cannot reproduce themselves.

New character, like Cheshire.

Gaster still exist and has became ruler or this world, also the main antagonist.