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Coffin Dance sans is an OP sans, just under 4th Breaker Z! sans. His power is almost near 4th Breaker Z! sans! But he is interested in him. But he does not like evil that tries to threaten him. But almost all evil could not kill him, aside from OP god error404. So he is considered one of the most powerful sans AUs in the Omniverse. He only has two weaknesses, HATE from Glitchtale, and OP god error404.


While Frisk was doing genocide routes, sans always beats him, but after Frisk starts to know his attacks, he started killing him. But now in the 1,000,000,000th genocide route, things are different. Before sans meets Frisk in that time, he did it, he finally fixed the time machine. When sans got back in time, he saw himself battling Frisk/Chara. But in most cases, time traveling will make you stop existing anymore. So sans started to disappear. After that, he was in Chara's save file. When he saw the button "Reset," he pressed it before anything had got wrong. But now, after that, he ended up in a strange place. Then he saw Z!sans becoming 4th Breaker Z! sans. Then sans saw a coffin, with three other sanses (His clones, as he traveled through time) holding it. Then he decided to join in. After that, 4th Breaker Z! sans saw them. Instead of fighting them, he strikes a pun, saying, "You've got a ton of you here. A skele-ton." Then after the five of then laughing, he asked if he would he sans's mentor, also saying that they should be known as Coffin Dance sans. And that is how Coffin Dance sans was born, and he got incredible power, almost as much as 4th Breaker Z! sans. After Coffin Dance sans left, he started to test his powers, they were OP. So he became the protector of The Glitch and 4th Breaker Z! sans's student.


Coffin Blasters

They are Coffin dance sans's main weapons. they can blast with 7 lasers pointing in a specific direction. And they can do almost as much damage as 4TH Breaker Z! sans. (Same with other attacks except coffin trapper, which does not deal damage, but traps the AU inside for 2 seconds.

OP Finishing Coffin Blaster

They are a bunch of coffin blasters combined and one giant one in the middle. The small ones surround the AU while the giant one is in the middle of the circle the coffin blasters create. All together, they weaken the AU to 1-0 hp. So that is the most OP special attack any sans could use.

Coffin Bones and Coffin Menu Bones

They can do 10 damage plus 10 damage from KR (Karma.) As for the coffin menu bones, they can to insane damage plus KR if the soul mark hits it. (For AUs above lv 11.)

Other stuff he uses.

Coffin Trapper

This coffin will follow the AU's soul. If it touches the soul, it traps the soul in it for 2 seconds, making the soul easier to get blasted or damaged by a coffin bone or a coffin blaster.


  • He has an OP special attack that he an use in a battle.
  • He has even more power than Chara from undertale and Betty from glitchtale.
  • His power kept up with 4TH Breaker Z! sans sometimes. (One time during his training, he knocked out 4TH Breaker Z! sans only once. Like Undyne knocking out asgore only once.)
  • He can defeat or kill Mix!sans/Infected, as he got incredible power.
  • Almost no AU can knock him out, aside from OP god error404 and 4TH Breaker Z! sans.
  • He is actually 4 sanses, making it hard to kill him.
  • Even he can kill virus404's and his fusion, O.V.E.R.K.I.L.L form! (He can be able to stop virus404's Deus Ex Machina and his instant kill safegaurd. He is also immune to the M.E.R.C.Y blaster and corruption.)
  • He can fuse with 4TH Breaker Z! sans, becoming 4TH Breaker coffin dance sans. (Fusion of coffin dance sans and 4TH Breaker Z! sans.)
  • Even he can destroy Omega Flowey, as he is (Too much to calculate) times stronger. (Almost strong as 4TH Breaker Z! sans.)
  • He can't be controlled by HATE, as it is his weakness.
  • His true power is much more powerful than any sans weaker than him, and the true power is the same power as 4th Breaker Z! sans´s power. (Note: he uses his true power as his last resort.)
  • In coffin dance sans´s form, 4th Breaker coffin dance sans, he can defeat OP god error404 and infinity code and fatal virus. (Player too.)
  • Error!sans can´t string him up.
  • No hacks can affect him.
  • If virus404 keeps trying to destroy coffin dance sans, he will end up getting defeated.



Since HATE is much more powerful than determination and fear, and also more dangerous, it can be able to defeat him. And if it was more power than THAT, it can use coffin dance sans to farm EXP and LOVE. (Execution points and level of violence.)

OP God Error404

Since he is stronger than 4TH Breaker Z! sans, OP god error404 can kill coffin dance sans.


Ink!sans (Friend)

Since Ink!sans is the friend of all AUs, he is coffin dance sans's friend. When they meet each other, they like striking some puns. But that makes error!sans and all Papyrus AUs mad. Except Underswap Papyrus.

Error!sans (Frenemy)

Since ink!sans and error!sans are frenemies, error!sans is coffin dance sans's frenemy. They rarely hang out with each other, and when they do, they don't talk to each other a lot, as that will cause a argument and maybe a battle. They only had two battles so far, and in those battles, error got "Dunked on."

4th Breaker Z! Sans (Mentor)

When they meet each other before coffin dance sans became powerful, he said the will be his mentor. So he trains every tuesday and thursday. But sometimes he succeeds knocking him down, only one time. But 4th Breaker Z! sans knew he should try harder than just only knocking him out only one time. So coffin dance sans trains harder now.

Chara (Main enemy when Chara is evil, watch buddy when good.)

When Chara was filled with the HATE, coffin dance sans should not fight her, evil only. But when Chara became good, he decided to make Chara coffin dance sans's watch buddy. When that happens, Chara was in the void, so coffin dance sans decided to go to the void, when Chara finally agreed, he left the void. Later, Frisk freed Chara from the void.

Coffin Dance Papyrus (Brother)

Even though coffin dance sans thought he was the only one with this power, he was wrong. he had a brother called coffin dance Papyrus. His brother thought he was being lazy, but he isn't. Coffin dance papyrus really wants to capture a human. Because his task was assigned to him by coffin dance Undyne. But he only found one. And the human befriended coffin dance sans's brother. The human was really Undertale Frisk.

Infinity code and Fatal Virus (Friends?)

When coffin dance sans visited infinity code and fatal virus, fatal virus thought he was one of infinity code's henchmen, but midway through the battle, fatal virus finally realized that he has not one of infinity code's henchmen, but another powerful AU. He asked, "Who is your mentor?" When coffin dance sans explained everything, fatal virus and infinity code asked coffin dance sans that he should be an friend to them.

Alphatale Sans (Ghost Friend)

After coffin dance sans got a lot of power, he met Alphatale sans. Coffin dance asked, "Why did you become glitchy?" Alphatale sans then explained why he is a ghost and why he is like that. So they became friends, due to Alphatale sans's positive kindness, which is what a glitchy sans rarely has.

4th Breaker V! Chara (Also Mentor)

Since coffin dance sans is also the protector of The Glitch, she decided to also train him. (This happened after coffin dance sans met Alphatale sans.) So every Sunday, she trains him. But since coffin dance sans is powerful as 4th Breaker V! Chara, he knocked her out 10 times. So coffin dance sans was known as 4th Breaker V! Chara´s student. (And her assistant.)

Fun Facts About Coffin Dance Sans

  • He likes drinking ketchup and water.
  • Since he almost he as much power as 4th Breaker Z! sans, he can only visit Minecraft and Roblox.
  • Most sans AUs that are not created become OP when they are created in a wiki. 4th Breaker Z! sans and coffin dance sans is some.
  • Coffin dance sans and 4th Breaker Z! sans did not meet the creator of Roblox yet.
  • He met Alphatale sans when he got incredible power, and coffin dance sans wondered why alphatale sans became a ghost and a error when they met. (The reason why they met is because he can visibly see him, as he is a friend of ink!sans.)
  • His true power is the same power is 4th Breaker Z! sans.
  • He can kill a team of glitched AUs (Virus404, error404, error!sans, fatal error, and virus!sans) in only 20 seconds. (4th Breaker can defeat them in 10 seconds.)
  • He is actually the assistant of 4th Breaker V! Chara, as 4th Breaker V! Chara is the protector of The Glitch.


Inspired by 4th Breaker Z! sans and the coffin dance meme.