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Ink!Sans was exploring the Doodle-sphere and exploring all of the AUs. He found a corrupted timeline. He decided to explore despite Dream, and Nightmare's warnings not to go. As soon as he touched the Corrupted World, the Corruption started to trap him.

Meanwhile, Corruption!Sans was corrupting the end of Hotlands, when he felt Ink!Sans' presence. He immediately went to Ink's location and said "well, well, well.. look at what we have here."

Corruption!Sans continued on "Seems like the guardian of AUs decided to come into MY territory and touched my corrupti-"

Ink!Sans cut him off and yells "LET ME OUT!"

Corruption!Sans responded "Wow, you really are impatient aren't you? well then, i'll just end this mess right here."

Then, the Corruption swallowed Ink!Sans. With Ink!Sans weakened, Corruption!Sans seized the opportunity and quickly corrupted Ink!Sans. With Ink!Sans corrupted, Corruption!Sans took half of his own soul and put it into Ink!Sans' body. Corruption!Ink went on the help Corruption!Sans by destroying worlds instead of corrupting worlds.

Error!Sans met Corruption!Ink and fought him because they were both the balance between Creation and Destruction. With Ink!Sans corrupted, the balance breaks and no more creation has occurred in the Multiverse. Despite Error!Sans' extreme power, Corruption!Ink quickly corrupted him and went on to destroy the entire multiverse, but Anti-Corruption!Sans, Dream!Sans, and Nightmare!Sans stood up to defeat him.



Corruption! Ink looks like the Original Ink, but his clothes are darker. He has black goop coming out of his eyes and has large, insane grin.


Corruption ink has lost his sanity due to getting corrupted by Corruption Sans. He now only cares about destroying the entire Multiverse. He is Genocidal and doesn't care what other people think of him.



Corruption Ink has the ability to corrupt other people.

Spawning Corrupted Sanses

Corruption Ink has the ability to spawn other Corrupted Sanses.

Trapping others

Corruption Ink can be able to trap unfortunate victims.

Gaster Blasters

Ink sans can summon Gaster blasters, but the eyes on them let out black ooze.


Broomie is Corruption Ink's paintbrush.


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