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Origin Story

Corruptiontale is an AU where the world starts to slowly delete itself due to the human tampering with the code. This AU is made by Flygeil.

During the Genocide Route, Sans succeeds to kill the human. Over and over, the human fails to prevail against Sans. They couldn't let Sans grasp their victory away of them. The human needs a way to get eliminate him. Sans notices that the human hasn't returned. Has the human lost all DETERMINATION? There hasn't been any signs of them. Sans takes a deep breath and sighs. He believes the human is going to Reset.

However, it's odd. Sans notices that nothing has changed. He was still in the corridor, walking his way back to Snowdin. To his surprise, a bright yellow light shines across the corridor. The human has returned. Sans stopped walking and encountered the human. He hurried up his speech and began the battle. He begins with his "strongest attack". He finishes his first attack, and took a small moment to process the situation. He notices something unusual with the human's HP. Of what seemed impossible, the human's health was beyond the maximum for someone with LV 19. Sans takes the chance and asks, "heh, you really must be impatient, huh? i'm glad to know that all my efforts has been successful, but it appears that you have to take some extreme measures to succeed." The human doesn't respond, and continues the battle as normal. With the human's increased health, Sans had to stall the human much longer than he anticipated.

He succeeds to kill the human, and awaits their next arrival. Suddenly, the entire world experience a short pause in time. The world has been receiving some unknown modifications. Sans knows the human has been tampering with the world, but doesn't know in what way. Another bright light shines across the corridor, with the human standing by it. Sans begins his talk but was interrupted from the human's attempt to kill him. Sans slams the human down with the telekinesis, making them miss their attack. The human has been slowly growing desperate for that victory, bottling up fury against Sans. They tampered with the world's code and delete the dialogue encounter.

Attempt after attempt, the human continues to die against Sans. With their LV, and HP doubling, tripling, quadrupling each attempt. The human has grown mad from this eternal hell against him. Sans has noticed many freezes in his world. He has no idea on how the human had such power to tamper with his world, even with such a lack of DETERMINATION. He has to find a way to stop this. With such tampering, many borders and boundaries have been altered or disrupted, causing some minor errors. Sans was walking around the corridor, finding any signs of unusual behavior. He feels around the pillars, walls and windows, searching for anything unusual. Sans sits down by the wall. He found nothing to help kill his curiosity. He remembers the bright shining light that appeared whenever the human returned. It has always been in the same spot along with the human. Sans gets up and walks towards the area. He tries to find any signs, with high hopes but it seemed like a dead end. At this moment, the human has decided to return. The bright light shines once more through the corridor, giving off a wave of unusual energy. Sans happened to be caught in the center of this wave and absorbed all of the unusual energy.

With all of this energy, radiating through Sans' body, he was taken to the prime location of the energy. An unusual void, never seen before by any anomaly. However, this isn't the Void. It had no known name but seemed to carry dead, trashed code. This world of infinite deletion was slowly deleting Sans' core code. The human attempts to fight Sans but was clueless about his whereabouts. With the game unable to start the battle, the world begins to slowly fail. With a massive chunk of code missing from the world, it was unable to function. This started the first wave of corruption.

Sans knows its too late for him, he has to find a way to fix this. With only minutes left before his final moment, he decides to clone himself. Being in a world of complicated code, he took part of it along his own code and fused the two. It was successful. He creates a being which is nothing more than a mockup of his former self but there isn't enough time. His new creation had no way to returning to his world. They are both too powerless and have no way to return to Sans' world. Sans lies there for his final moment, with no way to return or restore his world.

The human is confused by the lack of function, not even they could do anything. They decide to get rid of what they created and attempted a Reset. The Reset took some time to process and finally worked. The world is entirely in jumbles, hardly able to function. They are confused on what the world has become. Their bottled up fury has finally broke. They begin to realize how this entire world has crumbled due to Sans' stubbornness to let the human win. They let this fury take over and has sworn to eliminate Sans, no matter what it takes.

From the last seconds left before Sans' death, he was spared from his fate. With the humans attempt to Reset the timeline, it almost took all the time Sans had left to obtain each piece of Sans' code that was being deleted in this mysterious void. With half of Sans' code with himself and his creation, the world was able to successfully Reset but functioned without him. This has given Sans some of his code back, which helped him survive the wrath of this void. Without his code to allow his world function in its natural state, it created an endless chain of corruption. Without him in it, he is no longer a part of it. He lives in the strange void, within the original timeline. He has chosen to make this mysterious void his home and seeks for what lies outside of it.

Information on Corruptiontale

The entirety of the AU is completely glitched and broken. There is no string of code that is close to being stable and any code that is a little stable will be corrupted eventually.

Each character have their own type of corruption and it differs between which and their previous personality.

Differences in Corruptiontale

  • Instead of the game giving a fixed number of Gold or EXP. It is randomized to the point of it being between negative infinite and infinite or beyond. The math calculation is so broken that it can break the code even more.
  • After Sans' code and existence no longer existed in the game's main code, it corrupted the entirety of his world. The primary change is that Sans no longer exists in his world and remains to have very few copies per multiverse. After the corruption, additional timelines created afterwards no longer had Sans' code.
  • Sans in his pre-corrupted state was more chill than his corrupted state but was filled with an seemingly endless amount of fear. Eventually his corruption finished and he started to go insane after being trapped in an endless void, known as the NULL Dimension.

Characters in Corruptiontale


Flowey is a blinded entity with nothing but the intent to hurt. His super sensitive hearing allows him to catch and trap preys. If Flowey's behavior gets too out of hand, he'll glitch out violently and it'll take him time to recover from it.

Flowey is unable to see which allows his hypersensitivity to help him catch any human or monster nearby. If Flowey is nearby, being extremely quiet is recommended as Flowey can attack a victim within a blink of an eye, results are usually deadly. Flowey is unable to travel from one place to another because of his blindness.


Toriel is unable to see however is able to travel across the ruins with her memorization of the Ruins. She's shown to be depressed and angst-ridden as she cannot protect a human or monster with her blindness. This also prevents her from being able to see any threats. If her depression is exceeding more than normal, she'll glitch out out, freezing in place and, will require to recover. This can sometimes result in killing her instantly.

If Toriel hears a nearby presence, she can go to it by moving around however her hearing isn't the same as Flowey's. Her blindness has overall changed her world view.


Papyrus' last moments is of him making a pot of spaghetti while listening to the TV. Unfortunately, his code wasn't active during the corruption and prevented him and many others from being a functional piece of code. He only exists as a piece of code which is held within his brother's Modded Menu.


Sans is an insane skeleton with an intent of harming other AUs and corrupting them. During his pre-corrupted state, he had both of his eyes. Knowing that he was trapped in a world of infinite corruption, he decides to sacrifice his right eye. In return, he was given the power of Code Manipulation and Corruption. After obtaining his newfound power, he was able to begin his journey of universal corruption. Since he remained in the NULL Dimension for so long, he's adapted to the corruption and refers to it as his home.


Undyne is extremely unstable for the fact that her energy is always glitching her out. Her possible power is known to be extremely strong, possibly exceed Sans' however due to her nature, her code can completely fail at times until manual reactivation. Her power and energy is always exceeding normal levels forcing herself into a heavily deep corruption state. It is nearly impossible for her to recover from this.


Alphys is generally in a normal state thanks to her artificial anti-corruption generator. However this doesn't completely eliminate all corruption as it isn't raw power. Anything that pushes her average corruption power will exceed the power of the generator. She believes that no one is stable enough to be friendly, even if she tried using her anti-corruption generator. Her endless state of solitude from other monsters makes her believe that she will not encounter anyone. With this belief, she will get easily anxious if she does happen to meet someone. Her corruption doesn't exceed its average when encountering Mettaton or Asgore. When researching for her anti-corruption generator, she discovered about Sans' corruption. Alphys fears Sans for what he has become.