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Creators (sometimes known as Storytellers) are the true godlike deities of the Undertale and Deltarune Multiverse. These omnipotent beings are the one behinds all of the events that occurs in all of AUs, ATs, Dimensions, and so on; all for the purpose of telling stories to each other. They reside in a dimension far outside the reach of the Out!Codes, and their existence were mostly hidden in secrecy. In all accounts, they’re the real life Fan Creators of Undertale and Deltarune.



Their true forms are a mystery, but a few can create Avatars as a representative of their will; the most notable (and infamous) is the Annoying Dog, who’s in actuality is the avatar of the series creator, Toby Fox.


Once again, their personality varies from one Creator to the next, but they all have this creative drive that help expand the multiverse with their Tales.


  • Character Creation: can create any character they need to either spin their narrative or as an avatar interact with the creation of others.
  • Storytelling: True to their nicknames, they can create scenarios and dictate the Fate of the Characters within their Tales.
  • World Building: can create worlds with their own set of laws and rules for the purpose of their Tales.
  • Collaboration: Create new Tales using each other creations through role-play, MAP, or crossover events.


  • When Creators use the OC, Location, AU, etc. of another, they’re actually creating a copy of them for their own Tales so the original will remain unaltered. There are a few instance where Creators collaborate on the authority of said Tale.
  • Only a few Out!codes are aware of their existence, yet few ever mention their true capabilities.
  • To mention their true involvement in the fate of AUs and ATs would shatters one’s perception of Free Will, hence the reason why their existence were kept secret.
  • They are, in all canon, the most powerful beings in the Metaverse.