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"Your just another filthy anomaly that I must destroy like father said. But don’t worry, I’m sure we can make this a really fun game."

-Crimson!Sans speaking to delta!sans



Crimson!Sans is rather annoying yet funny. He is very curious and asks a lot of side questions, yet usually finds out the important things the hard way. He is very obedient to those he respects and treats them like kings. Crimson is very aggressive to his enemies and plays around with those who are weaker then himself. He isn’t exactly chill though and doesn’t take insults very well meaning he doesn’t get along with Fresh!Sans AT ALL.


Crimson!Sans is a black skeleton, similar to Paperjam, with an ink-like body to which he uses to his advantage. He has a scar on his right eye left from Ink!Sans that he usually makes false stories about. His eyes, unlike Paperjam, are circular, crimson pupils that don’t change shape or color depending on emotion. He wears crimson samurai armor with a black “x” on the chestplate. He wears white boots that go up to his shin. He has a dark red helmet with a bone-like crest on it that he doesn’t wear unless the fight is serious.


Crimson!Sans used to be a normal Paperjam. The strings of Error!Sans and the ink of Ink!Sans mixed together and formed yet another Paperjam. This Paperjam felt empty inside and meaningless yet had a strong will to roam the antivoid, and in his roaming, eventually found his way into the doodle sphere. When he entered the doodle sphere he saw Ink!Sans and sought to learn from him. He learned a little bit about AUs from Ink!sans until another Paperjam showed up and Ink instantly lost interest in the Paperjam he was previously talking to. Paperjam tried to converse with what he saw as a father figure constantly but ink had no care for this Paperjam. He felt betrayed and ran away, returning to the antivoid where he cried.

Error!Sans found this Paperjam and had the wonderful idea of raising them as his own. When asking why he was here Paperjam explained why he was so upset and afterward Error!sans took the Paperjam under his wing, teaching him false information such as AUs being filth that needed to be destroyed and Ink!sans being a villain. Paperjam took this information into account and treated Error!Sans like a father, listening to him and looking up to him. Error!sans took advantage of this and began to teach him how to use his abilities to destroy AUs. Him and Error!sans went on a destroying spree on Underfell. This attracted the attention of Ink!Sans who stopped fought Crimson!Sans and Error!Sans alongside Fell!Sans and Fell!Asgore.

Crimson!Sans was beaten while Error!Sans successfully beat everyone there. Filled with rage and hatred for Ink!Sans, Crimson!Sans trained and began to master his abilities. He also had a hatred for Paperjam so he changed his outfit to crimson armor and white boots. Afterward he swore to destroy all AUs alongside Error!sans and plans his gruesome revenge against Ink!Sans. After destroying an AU he was awarded with a large hammer made by Error!Sans via piecing together code. Afterward Crimson!Sans gained a reputation for destroying via smashing things and used his hammer in battle mostly. Ever since then he has been helping Error!Sans destroys AUs and fight Ink!Sans all the while learning to use his abilities to their fullest.



Crimson blasters with red eyes that shoot blue black beams capable of spinning, similar to Error!Blasters.


Red bones capable of coming as an entire barrage or acting as “spin-bones.”


Crimson!Sana has the ability to use bones as attacks. The following color code are the different kinds of attacks he uses:

  • Red: These bones reduce the person hit by then to one health point, however, these bones in turn are extremely and easy to dodge.
  • Orange: These bones must be moved through to avoid being hurt by them.
  • Yellow: These bones must be shot to to be dispatched, allowing you to pass through them. These bones are only used when the Yellow soul is triggered.
  • Green: These bones hurt the one who is hit by them but heals the one who uses them.
  • Cyan: These bones must be dodged by standing still.
  • Blue: These bones make you lose an item.
  • Purple: These bones only appear when the purple soul is triggered and go across the lines as obstacles.
  • Black: These bones can insta-kill anything below the user but are extremely slow.
  • White: These bones slow the one hit by them down a small bit and triggers KR or “Karmatic Retribution.”
  • Gray: These bones do not hurt the one hit by them but are rather used to push them a certain way or act as barriers.

Soul Manipulation

As undertale attacks work, Crimson is able to change the soul color of the one he is attacking to make attacks harder. The following is the color code he uses:

  • Red: The effected can freely move around in the attack box to avoid attacks. This is the default soul.
  • Orange: The effected must keep on moving or they receive damage.
  • Yellow: The effected has a gun, specifically a revolver, that is able to shoot obstacles.
  • Green: The effected has a green shield that can be used to block attacks in one direction.
  • Cyan: The effected must not be hit so that they may build up a shield that blocks in all directions that will protect the user from an unavoidable attack that will come later.
  • Blue: The effected can make high jumps yet is impacted by gravity and goes back down later. This also allows the user of the blue soul to control the effected’s gravity and allows the user to slam the effected in whichever direction they wish.
  • Purple: Purple lines appear and the effected can only move on those lines and can switch lines to avoid attacks.
  • White: The user experiences a drop in speed.
  • Black: This, although hard to use, allows the user to let the effected die in one hit.


Self Explanatory

Crimson Cords

Crimson, thick strings that are used to wrap around opponents and can be used to either shatter souls or control them.

Ink Body

Due to his body being made of ink, he is able to dodge attacks by changing his shape or size.

Ink Manipulation

Crimson!Sans can generate ink and can use this ink to make shields or barriers.

Code Manipulation

Crimson!Sans can use code to sculpt whatever he wishes. He doesn’t use this ability very often though.


Crimson!Sans has the ability to use certain errors (not beings like Error!Sans or anything alive for that matter) as attacks, such as “error 403, access forbidden.”


Although Crimson is still trying to master the use of it, Crimson!sans is learning to use Error!Blasters with the guidance of Error!Sans.


A hammer with a long, red handle with a large, crimson, steel-like substance as a means of crushing things that can be used to crush entire AUs.



Error!Sans is the father figure of Crimson!Sans and is essentially the most important person to Crimson!Sans.


Due to Ink!Sans rejecting Crimson!Sans back when he used to be Paperjam, he has a bitter hatred towards him and wants him dead.


Due to Paperjam being accepted by Ink!Sans but not Crimson!Sans, he has a similar hatred towards him of that he has for Ink!Sans.


He sees Virus!Sans in a neutral manner due to them both being code corruptions and has even gone as far as to try to be friends with him.


He has this odd fascination for Core!Frisk and their knowledge, so he constantly hangs out with them and learns things about AUs he can possibly befriend or find worth in as he just wants a friend who can fit his ideals of “clean.”


-Crimson!Sans called his axe Hades for some reason.

-Crimson!Sans is NOT artistic at all.

-Crimson!Sans has this odd obsession with the scarlet king.

-In one event, he tried to turn a rather strong being from an AU into “king crimson” so he can “have a stand” which drastically failed. No stand for you pal.

-Crimson!Sans actually got his scar from a fight with Omnipotent!Sans to which he beat Omnipotent!Sans.

”no you didn’t, you got it from Ink’s brush.”

Shut up!

-No, just because Crimson!Sans hangs out with Core!Frisk doesn’t mean Core!Frisk x Crimson!Sans is a thing you fucking shippers.