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Template:Infobox CharacterCrystal believe he survived the erasure of his universe. He was revived in the abyssal when 'the real beings' came to the Underverse (undertale-verse). Currently he's Ink best friend and with him try to revive his universe. The creator of Crystal and Crystaltale is zahraart3crystal on deviantart. Right now is a comic series (still in progress).


His job is unknown since he just revived from the erasure. When he met Ink, Ink suggest that he travel through the multiverse and protect the crystal universes (after Crystal told what he saw in the Abyssal). He lives in the Abyssal. In this world he can see the AUs through the floating crystal. Although the Abyssal looks like an empty place, actually there's another person that later would became his second friend.


He's much like a typical sans but, less lazy. He's a bit more optimistic, especially to his brother. He always giving advice when someone need it.

Despite that, his mental is a bit unstable due to the human countless reset and the erasure. He's mostly calm and a chill guy but, when it's serious his not taking it lightly.

He's good at snow boarding like Zira. He sometimes like sports depending on his mood. He likes to play card and likes to teasing Crystal!Gaster about his bad play at card. He's also have a lot of stamina than classic sans, making him more 'awake' and not lazy.


He's wearing a blue goggles, a snow color scarf with the end looking like a crystal (that has two end coming from the back), a frost color coat, a white t-shirt, a blue green shorts, a light-grey sock, and a cerulean color sport shoes. Some place at his coat and scarf have rainbow lines, that is colored rainbow. The rainbow lines is on the end tip of the scarf then connect together. On the coat is on the sleeves edge, the bottom of his coat, and on the coat collar. He has a rainbow line on his eyes but, it doesn't visible because Crystal is (always) glowing. He's eyes shape like a diamond in his calm state, when in battle he's eyes narrowed horizontally.

His soul is an upside down heart shape just like other monster but made out of crystal. Mostly the color is white with some cyan/blue color. On the edge it has rainbow color 'representing' the 7 human souls.

Abilities and Weakness


  • Summon bone attack (regular and blue bone).
  • Summon a sharp crystal that deals more damage when touch the sharp point.
  • Summon Gaster Blaster that made of blue crystal. It's the one of the strongest things in the multiverse. It's said it's harder than diamond and indestructible. When it fires it feels hot but cold too and when exposed to the blast it will turn to crystal.
  • Summon a sword that looks like a crystal with a rainbow line across the edge. He usually use it when a short distance battle is occurred.
  • Use blue magic, just like classic sans.
  • Teleport, just like classic sans. He's also can teleport between timeline and AUs.
  • Summon giant crystal either to its attack or defend.
  • Make almost anything from crystal like a chain if crystal to grab enemy.
  • Make a duplicate of his enemy from crystal. It's his special attack. When he summon a crystal and the enemy reflection is on it, he can make the crystal take form and abilities of the enemy to fight against his enemy. He can control the duplicate to do as he say but, the duplicate is easily to be shatter. He can make as many duplicate as he like because it's easy to duplicate.


  • He's afraid of the reset button because it's leaving him in trauma. Usually he will try to destroy the reset button or the user.
  • Even though he's not lazy as classic Sans, he's stamina can be considered low compared to others.
  • He's more to self sacrifice to his close one as he still see the world like a game that will just fix itself later. He will most likely to die if he were pushed to an extent.



Ink was Crystal first (best) friend / alies after he got out from the Abyssal. Ink promised to help Crystal.

revive his universe (even though he doesn't know how). At some point, Crystal showed Ink the Abyssal and Ink is very exited to see another AU. As a gift, Crystal!Sans gave Ink a piece of his crystal to Ink so he can see the crystal universes through the reflection of the AU in 'The Doodle Sphere' on the crystal.


She's Crystal second friend. They accidently met in the Abyssal, when Zira tried to look around the Abyssal when she bumped to Crystal. They easily became friends since they're the only ones that have the access to the Abyssal. Zira has the 'multiverse tree' mysteriously in her haven bag. After awhile, she decided to gave the tree to Crystal before she goes to the 'real world'. Their relationship changed when Zira revealed the truth about the Underverse (undertale-verse) and the real world to the inhabitant of Crystaltale.


Christa is like his assistant in the Abyssal. She was created when Zira touch one of the crystal in the Abyssal, making her another version of Zira in Crystaltale. She get her physical form when 'the shattering' happen. He's loyal to Crystal!Sans and sometimes has a feeling for him.


  • He used to be classic sans before the erasure.
  • He was designed in 2017, but was modified and release in 2019.
  • He's taller than classic sans, about 1,6 meters
  • He's the judge, special sentry, hotdog seller, snow boarding resort owner.
  • Just like classic sans, he likes puns.
  • When you try to shake hand with him, he will burst a cold wind from his hand.
  • When reading a letter from Zira about Alphatale, a strange white version of him smiled at him and walk to him. He tried to attack Crystal!Sans then disappear.
  • He's half sane and half insane. Although he cover this with his calm attitude.