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Warning:There can be spoilers of Crystallizedtale and 'Save the Soul.'

Crystallized! Sans is one of the most important characters of AU CrystallizedTale and in the multiversal conflict "Save the soul".

His was created on Deviantart in 5/23/2020 by FireEagleMine777. Both comics still in progress.



Crystallized!Sans wear a white jumper and black sportive shorts with a white rhombus on each leg. He have blue shoes. On the laterals of the shoes there are a yellow star. on the jumper he have an ammunition belt with some crystals on it. on the neck he have a scarf with a crystal on center that indicate what Elemental Crystal he use. The scarf is connected with a cloak.


Crystallized is less lazy than Classic, and makes puns very rarely. He hides it from everyone, but he's depressed and a litlte bit emotionless. He is ready to sacrifice his life to save his friends. He can't have a love relationship because his HATE that have in the Soul. It's easy to piss him off.


  • He can use the magic abilities of Original Sans except bones.
  • Crystallization turn everything into Crystals. That doesn't work without contact on living organisms. IT doesn't work on magic.
  • He can use a second type of Gaster Blasters. This GB have blades on laterals.
  • He can use the Gaster Hands after pierce his hands. The abilities of GH is the same of Glitchtale.
  • He can use the Crystals of Elements to Power up his swords. He can also use the Ice Crystal to cool himself.


  • He hates hot places. If he overheats his moves are slow down and he can fall asleep
  • He can't turn into Crystal crystals...(It's logical)
  • He afraid the knifes and has PTSD (Post-traumatic Stress Disorder) due to experiencing 777 genocide routes.
  • He doesn't really trusts Chara and Frisk
  • In the HATE Phase, he can hurt his friends.

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Events of CrystallizedTale

(Warning: Spoilers ahead. The most events aren't in the comic. If you do not want spoilers wait for the creator(me) to finish the comic.)

The comic begins in Sans's secret laboratory. After 777 Genocide Routs Sans decides to inject a 1% of DETERMINATION. Then Sans starts the fight with the human after they kills Asgore.

After being hit, Sans's soul started to crack, but the DETERMINATION crystallized for block the crack. During the crystallization the DETERMINATION transformed into HATE. After a long fight against the human and Crystallized the last one have got the victory crystallizing the body of the human.

He gets the soul and he use 7 small crystals to pick a small part of the power of the seven humans souls. But the soul of DETERMINATION has managed to make a RESET. Everything come back to the normal, except Sans. He remained like after the fight with the human. After the events of True Pacifist Route Crystallized make come back in live Chara, Asriel and Gaster.

In the surface, the humans aren't happy to the monsters, so they organized the AMO for killing some of the monsters, along with Frisk and Chara.

Events of "Save the Soul"

Warning: Spoilers ahead. The most events aren't in the comic. If you do not want spoilers, wait for the creator(me) to finish the comic.

This event is not canon (so is everything that happens in this comic. Please don't influence to the original Crystallized!Sans.)

Crystallized!Sans, after a lesson of Ink Sans, accidentally came into the Genocide Route of VersusTale. There Versus!Chara tries to kill Crystallized Sans, but Fire!Sans kills them before Crystallized Sans notices Chara. After that, Crystallized Sans and Fire Sans become friends.

They come to the Original Undertale because Fire have a lesson with Classic. During the lesson, Ink tell to Classic that the six SOULs are being stolen by someone. The thief was a corrupted copy of Fell. In the fight, Fire Sans gets hit, which reveals a wound on his left eye. Classic teleports away to tell Asgore that the SOULs are being found. But immediately after, Error appears and steals the SOULs again.

Crystallized and Fire follow Error into the Anti-Void. They found the SOUL of Versus!Chara (which Crystallized and Fire have fought earlier). Fire absorbs the SOUL of Versus!Chara. Fire!Chara later abandons Crystallized Sans.

Later, Crystallized Sans meets Error. The last one absorbs the six SOULs and starts the fight. During the fight, Fire!Chara come back. They beat Error together.


  1. Before, he used to call himself Crystal!Sans. After the creator(me) discovered Crystal!Sans of Zahraart3crystal he changed his name into Crystallized!Sans.
  2. Crystallized!Sans is from Italy, so never ask to him if he wants his pizza with pineapple or ketchup.
  3. Crystallized!Sans is a gamer who has his Youtube channel in surface. He also likes Anime.
  4. In Save the Soul, Crystallized Sans likes ketchup.
  5. In CrystallizedTale, he likes Japanese green tea.


A Wallpaper with Crystallized!Sans. Used for the Youtube.

References for drawning StS (Save the Soul) and CT (Crystallizedtale) Crystallized!Sans

Crystallized!Sans from CrystallizedTale events (Canon)