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Crystaltale is an Undertale AU that take place after a dead universe from the result of repetitive True Pacifist timeline.

Back before getting erased, Crystaltale started out as Undertale. When Frisk got a True Pacifist Ending, they weren't satisfied. They wanted to SAVE Asriel and (most likely) Chara from their fate. So Frisk started to RESET over and over until Sans went almost insane because he was afraid of Frisk doing a genocide route. Frisk desperately wanted to SAVE Asriel and Chara, and so they began to do a genocide timeline to see what would happen. Instead of using a knife, he used a red sword and a red shield, built from his determination. This took a heavy toll on Sans's already fragmented sanity. When Frisk was about to kill Asgore, he saw corrupted Chara. They RESET before Flowey could kill Asgore, restarting the pacifist loop, trying to save Chara and Asriel. The story was repeated after countless resets, with nothing new. It got boring. Eventually, this universe started getting uninteresting. The timeline was left to repeat itself, over and over. After a while, the universe faded, with Sans as the last one to die.


Undertale Characters

Rush (Crystal!Papyrus)

Papyrus is the second son of Aster Oswen. He’s very close to Athena (Undyne) and often seen as partner in justice with her. Though he’s also often seen with his father too. In Season 2 he’s a novice royal guard and in Season 3 he becomes a private detective with the second occupation as a journalist. He’s still a royal guard but only be called for formality and importance as the royal guards function has decreased.

In the end of Season 6, he has a spiteful relationship with Chance because he’s hiding a “truth” he wants to seek. Though actually he still cares for him.

He has a courageous and loud personality. He value justice, truth, and equality at top. He has a sharp analyze thought just like his father. Even though he has like a friendly innocent persona, deep down he always look at small details of a said person. Thus he always know when someone is lying, nervous, or etc. He has the Soul Representation of Bravery.

Created by zahrart17

Aster (Crystal!Gaster)

Aster was born at the end of 15xx to the Oswen family. As he was born into this world, he has a rare incurable disease. The disease affected the boy’s soul magic. Making him vulnerable to disease and if he uses his power, it’s the same as chipping away your body part. This is the reason he never left his house for about 9-10 years. His older brother who he loves very much has this kind of disease but died because of it. His father, Blackhadder tries to help the boy’s condition by “training” him so his stamina and immune system gets better until he can go outside without feeling sick every second. Though, he sometimes needs to drink the antidote to reduce the pain periodically.

At some point in the end of the war, he found a way to “cheat” death, to “give him time”. Though, some might consider it…”inhumane”. He has the Soul Representation of Perseverance.

Cedric (Crystal!Frisk)

Frisk comes into the underground as his other timeline starts. But when he starts to realize…he’s like in a different world. The world he knew has changed drastically and Chara (Elliot) and Asriel (Kit) are alive. Even though they shouldn’t. What really happened to this world?

As a kid, his personality is the same as in his previous timeline. He’s usually passive when interacting but could give some funny remarks in a neutral face and tone. He’s observant to his surroundings due to events in the previous timelines.

As a young adult…well he becomes lazy and often sleeps. Though his grades are okay and pretty high. He sometimes does training when he’s really in the mood. Imagine a tired college student.

Elliot (Crystal!Chara)

Chara was suddenly revived like Aster did and was confused as he was supposed to be dead in this time. He still wears a rather fancy royal coat from the 1700's and he wears the heart locket from Asriel, rather than hide it.

He use 2 determination knife as his main weapon. He holds it in reverse. He's quick rage unlike Cedric and loves to prank people as his please. But unlike the others, he remembers all the previous timeline when they're an Undertale characters. Only him, Cedric, Crystal, and Aster that knows this.

Created by zahrart17

Grift (Crystal!Grillby)

"Grift” was born into the Infertra family. He has a little brother who is still an infant at that time. The family is known for its “tricks” and soul-connecting. It’s rather a high worker class family so it’s not too poor unlike the other districts. The family has strong ties with the Oswen family as they worked multiple times before in the past. Though, despite that Grift hates most nobles because they often abuse their power and brag about it as if it was some kind of fruit from a tree while in reality it is not.

He didn’t get much attention from his father nor mother. His father always works and takes care of the Oswen’s family sword. Sometimes he feels like his father didn’t love him. His mother was taking care of his little brother. Thus, he mostly does most of the chores. Until that fateful day.

Present day, he’s the leader of the so-called “Mad Hatter”. He’s a magician and a professor focusing on History and Math as his “job”. His objective? Make the world better with someone to pin as the hero. He has the Soul Representation of Justice.

Added Characters


Created by zahraart3crystal

Awoke in The Abyssal without knowing his past, he travels between AUs to know who he really is. Ink helped him around in exchange for his access to the crystal universes. He met Zira too accidently in The Abyssal. Somehow she has the access to that place. She volunteer to train close combat to him since she knows the multiverse isn’t always a “pretty” place. He has a Soul Representation of Patience.


  • The term "Soul Representation" is only applied to monsters that has a soul similar with the human soul traits. But instead of filled with the soul essence, it's filled with magic essence.
  • Even though, it has a connection to Underverse, the AU is self is not affected by the X-Event as Zira and Ink made a deal.
  • All of the AUs present in Season 1 (except for Underverse) are crystal universes. A copy of the original with the different are 3 humans added.
  • Crystal / Chance is not a Sans anymore. He's his own character and his own story.
  • There's an old comic about Crystaltale which is not canon anymore but will be reanimated later on.