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Cybertale is an AU that takes place 2000 years into the future. In this AU, the monsters have developed a tech/magic device that allows one to upload their soul, were the soul can be called called the Cyberworld upon for later use for magic or DT. Most of the Undertale characters have their souls uploaded, along with Frisk after the events of the game. 2000 years into the future, the united human and monster empire has reached beyond Earth, and the main cast has been summoned to guide the empire in a new age.


Undertale Characters


After the Barrier is broken, Frisk's soul is uploaded to the Cyberworld. Much later, when Frisk is called upon again, he is given the role to lead the human and monster empire. He has calm and relaxed personality, and is shown to be very forgiving. Due to him being a part of the Cyberworld, he has partial control over Determination - based technology.

Added Characters


The leader of the human side of the empire, she is tall and usually wears a grey dress or robe. She is the one who summoned Frisk. She values technology and thinks little of magic based tools and weapons.


The leader of the monster side of the empire, he is an older monster that appears similar to a brown boss monster. He believes in the power of magic above all else. He and Kate do not get along and often do not try to.


Undertale Locations


The CORE is where the Cyberworld's mainframe is located. The CORE is also much more highly protected and regulated, as if the CORE shuts down, Cyberworld would shut down and the souls in their would be lost. The general structure is much larger, with smaller cutoffs located in New Home.

New Home

New Home serves the purpose of the head of the monster government. It is where the monster leader is elected, but otherwise does not hold much importance.

Added Locations


To call the Cyberworld a location a bit of a misnomer, it isn't a place, but, instead a digital world were souls are put after death to live on, while providing the services of magic and determination to the public at large. The interior of Cyberworld, or where the souls are located while at rest, does take the form of a customized home for each soul.

The Great Castle

This massive fortress serves as the seat of government for the united empire. It houses the officials, contains the main chambers of the senate and court, and also contains one of the main Cyberworld feeds. It is also on of the most fortified locations in the entire empire, easily holding entire armies in it's walls, and keeping enemy armies out.