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DF!DustDust Sans By IsSunix GD

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Background Info

IsSunix GD[1](the creator of the series and character) Plays this character in Improv episodes mainly gameplay and a bit of animation but in story episodes the "Character" shows its personality in the various sub arcs. The arc being described is The MURDER ROUTE arc in which Sans goes so insane he attempts to kill all other players.

The main person to battle against Sans is Johnny (The co host of improv episodes) and continues to fight him and is perusing Sans to stop his genocidal Rampage.

VS Dusttrust

In the fight against Dusttrust Sans DF is forced to use the 7 human souls (more souls he gets along the way). While Dusttrust is more agile DF! is smarter and uses his surroundings to his advantage, as there battle rages to its climax its interrupted bu Underfell sans.


DontForget is a series mostly based of off gameplay and hijinks while the (numb).(numb) episodes are sub arcs not related to the main episodes and are not considered to be Canon.