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DOuBLe sIDed sans is the embodiment of the concept that anyone can lose their mind with just the blink of an eye. He wanders the Aus trying to prove his point to anyone dare challenge him, kinda like the joker but more stable.

He was created when his original AU got corrupted and all of its timelines except one were reset and destroyed, with him being the only survivor. The fact that he could not save his friends haunts him with him guilt. He abandoned his AU, seeing that with only one timeline and monster it would be of no use to anyone. Overcome with guilt his mind started to shatter and he now seeks to make everyone else understand the pain of loss by breaking their minds.


In battle he does not wish to harm the opponent but if provoked his dark side will take over and torture and twist the opponent's mind until they break.He has near godlike powers and can possess and trun anyone crazy, he also has the usual bones and gaster blasters but rainbow-ified at the start of the battle and devoid of color and grey at the end.