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Daetale is an AU made by HellishAesthetic, its not known originally when it was made, somewhere around 2018 to early 2019, as it was not posted publicly on Tumblr, though shared around via Discord and Minecraft. It is essentially, an AU that includes Supernatural. Having the Winchester brothers ending up in the underground, and staying since the monsters needed help.

The monsters and humans are still at war, and the hunters don't hunt essentially monsters but a sub species that is part of humans and monsters, called "Akums."

"Anyways. Daetale takes place in the underground, and you are still Frisk in it. The difference though, is that Sam and Dean ended up in the underground, and found out the monsters having more of an Akum problem than humans do, so the brothers have Castiel tell the other hunters on the surface they’ll be helping the monsters since they need more help, and they ended up there for quite a while. and with the help of Sam and Dean, the monsters expanded their underground kingdom, as well as had helped trained monsters and give them information, to the current day in the AU they are still there as well. 

Now I know, this is a blog to focus on Juke. What’s with me talking about all this? Well Juke lives in this AU! and he actually became a hunter as well. I’ve done this as having two parents that do good despite seeming to be more neutral, I felt that Juke would still end up doing something like them, even if he’s not so keen on it. Juke is friends with the Sans of the AU too. " -HellishAesthetic (creator)


The Sans is actually a rather secretive yet open person. He deals with cannabis and the study of magic and medicine, as well as he helps along side Alphys. Though he is an Akum, and he has to make sure no one knows, he is basically someone who seems like a nice guy, but does some rather bad things despite it being either for the good of people,  or because he has to. At least that is what he thinks.