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He's the main antagonist of the Au DarknessTale he is the twin brother of Kind!Sans, but he will be evil because he surrender to his own Shadow of Hatred, he will want to destroy everything, by make everyone paid to not give him attention. he is also the founder of the Villains of darkness whoso goal is to destroy most aus (but was manipulated by error404 to help him rebuild alphatale).


While being good he wears a red long sleeve buttoned shirt with strap to his colored orange pants, he wear blue shoes on his feet and wear a green grandpa hat, he has black hole eyes and nose with white teeth and white bones body, but when he became corrupted with his shadow of hatred, he became a black body skeleton with red auras. But also wear all black from shadow form like black grandpa hat black rolled over buttoned sleeve shirt pants and shoes on his feet, he also has two red eyes.


While being normal Dark is more nicer and playful , he also seem to care about his twin brother and never want to hurt him, they always laugh when one of them tell a good joke, he also want to be equal has his brother and want some attention, but it seem its not easy because everyone seem to like his brother then him, he will then become very jealous at first he doesn't want to listen to his shadow. But after heard him said that he will give him the opportunity to be more powerful then his brother, he will let himself be embrassed by the darkness of his heart, and will become a very sadistic demon who will tried to destroy everything, same if it mean kill everyone who got in his way, included his own brother who want him back to his normal form.