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This is an unfinished AU, but it is actively being worked on!Template:Work in Progress


Unpredictable and playful. Definitely one for mind games. He refuses to take anything seriously, and loves to taunt and annoy others. Especially those with more authority then him. He's also a huge flirt and p gay. Of course, his flirts are usually him messing around with you and he probably has 0% interest in you. Don't get your hopes up. He has very high standards. He isn't an artist, but just loves colour in general. Blank spaces make him feel bored. The antivoid also makes him highly uncomfortable.

Whenever he ´´shapeshifts´´, there will always be something off. It is more noticeable the less he knows the persons appearance. He doesn't just magically imagine a name and transform into that person - its a manual and careful procedure. He needs a basic 360 vision of said person. But, he can't quite make a flawless transition. He can come very close to it, though. The longer he's in another form the more tired and weak he grows until he takes a break.

Probably would do great on the good side, but he says (quote) ´´Everyone there is too boring, there isn't enough mischief or thrill´´. Also, if you give him a good enough deal he'll help you out. Doesn't matter what side you're on - creator or destroyer.

Deceit was created by @Shadoweddoubts on Instagram and Deviantart.