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"I do pray sometimes, I pray that one of you angels would want to stay with me, and keep me company. But I guess He ignores us down here" – Aja, during Pacifist Battle

Deeper Down is a Basic Change AU that takes place in hell. The characters names and designs have changed but the story is still pretty much the same. You take control of a angel that had slipped from the side of a cloud and fallen through the human world and down into hell. You land on a pile of bones and flesh. You are the 3rd angel to fall and have the soul of Love (that can change to a soul full of Hate if you kill too demons). You wake up and panic and then your story begins.

Character Changes


You wear a white gown that seems too large for you. You have a halo above your head, this can however disappear and turn into horns if you chose to take the Genocide/True Demon route.

Theme: Holy Savior

Chara/The First Fallen

Chara is who you meet during the ending of the Pacifist/True Angel route. Instead of leaning you to genocide, they try to lean you to pacifism. They congratulate you on not harming anyone and let you go back. They are the true last boss in the Genocide/True Demon route and they attacks are random and mercy is very difficult to obtain during this battle. They were a gown similer to yours but with rips and tears in it and her halo is gone.

Theme: Hollow Angel

Battle Theme: Charlies Angel


Flowey stays the same exept his petals are torn and shredded. He is even more violent and aggresive and doesn't even talk to you before attacking you. His bullets are larger and this is a real battle, unlike the Flowey in Undertale where Toriel comes to save you.

Theme: Your New Worst Nightmare

Photoshop Theme: Your Last Nightmare + Finish Them


Aja takes the place of Toriel, she is tall and is a demon of greed. She was never the queen but is an outcast due to her positivity and all around diffrence. She wears a large goat skull on her head and her robe is long and stitched up. She guides you through The Crypts (The Ruins) and teaches you the basics of Mercy actions. Once you get to her home she tells you to go wait in the 2nd room, but you can still go in her room and look around. She bakes cakes instead of pies and she gives the choice of cream cheese or strawberry frosting, this doesn't matter because she accidently mixes the two making a strawberry cream cheese frosting.

Theme: Buried Deeper

Battle Theme: Cardiovascular Shock


He is still a wary ghost but is aggresive in fear other then just because he is kinda bored. He is a pale gray and has white spots on him.

Theme: Demon Brawl


He is a skeleton demon that talks in the Atlas font. You meet him in the same place when you get stuck in one of his brothers trap. He shakes your hand with some hot coals instead of a whoopie cushion. He has demon horns breaking through his skull. He tells dark and offensive jokes, which he tells Aja through the door to The Crypts. He also seems to hold a ability to see the 4th wall as he snarls at it when talking with the you in Hells Church after the Genocide/True Demon route. He is a Watchman for Hell Guard but just uses his stations as shops to seel certain items, including a bone knife at his first station. His outfit changes during the story. In Bliizard (Snowdin) he wears a heavy jacket with sweat pants and socks and sandles, and he brought you one a jacket as well, in DownFall (Waterfall) he wears a rain coat and his normal sweats and socks and sandles, in BloodBoil (Hotlands) he is wearing a white t-shirt and gym shorts and flip flops, during the date scene he wears a t-shirt with a tux drawn on with permanent marker, in The Hells Church (Judgment Hall) he wears a light hoodie that is crimson, sweats, and socks and sandles. When he talks to you during the date and his warning he says "If you would have killed my brother, you would burned in hell after I make you bleed red" His bad time eye is a blend of yellow, red, and orange and hate pours out of his other eye. His KR has been removed but changed to 2 damage instead of just one. He also can take 2 hits in battle, making him have a 3rd phase in his battle. During the Genocide he is standing there and is eye lights are still there normal red. He gives the dialogue *sup. . .

  • you have been having fun?
  • good good
  • anyway, i gotta question for you
  • you think even the worst person can be saved
  • that god will come to save them if they just belive?
  • . . .
  • tch.

Glares at camera *i knew you would do that* Looks back at Angel *well heres a better question*

  • you want me to have one HELL of a good time?
  • cause another step forward
  • and well, i am going to really like what i gotta do next
  • . . .
  • hehe
  • alright, sorry old goat chick
  • this is why promises are supposed to be broken

Battle Start

  • hells pretty hot today and everyday
  • souls are burning
  • yours will me soon
  • on days like these
  • demons like me

Theme: shhh its atlas.

Battle Theme: Phase 1+2 Inferna Iudex | Phase 3 (after being hit): Hells Bells


The younger more aggresive brother of Atlas is Belfast and he speaks in the belfast font. He is tall and can't see if you are a angel or not during the Genocide/True Demon route but during the Pacifist/True Angel he can. He is missing a tooth and his teeth are razor sharp. He wears a general suit with many medals (as he is 3rd in command of the Unholy Guard). He meets you in Bliizard Forest and since he can't tell if your a angel or not asks for your ID, which you take the chance to kill him. During the pacifist the only reason he doesn't kill you is because Atlas would get mad and not help him spar. He makes stuffed shells and is extreamly good at making them.

Theme: Hells General

Battle Theme: Boneriot


KJ is the bartender at K n'J's Bar and Pub. He is a fire demon and even though he isn't made of fire, he has to wear gloves not to burn the bar down. He is friends with Atlas because he is the only normal who doesn't have a tab. He is friendly-ish because you are a friend of Atlas'. When the bar fight breaks out when you are in there, he burns all the demons in the bar exept you and Atlas. He wears a suit with the tie loose and black slacks with dress shoes.

Theme/Area Theme: Errie Hunch


DK has short arms and long legs and wears shorts and thats it. He seems to follow you during the Genocide/True Demon route because he also can't tell if you are a demon or not. He loves the Captain of Hells Guard and wants to be with her.


Alden is a lizard demon that is shy and keeps to herself in her lab. With her high IQ and creativity she has been promoted to the Top Scientist after B̶̨̛͇̹͖̻͙̼̜͔̩̳̼͈͔̘̣͚͍̒͗͑̐̐̑͒̾̏̐̃̄̾̐̆̉͂̆̀̎́̈̕͜͠͠l̵̡̧̨͖̘̟̯̮̫͎̉̈́̃̔̊̏̑̅̌͌̃́͌͌̄̾̒̒̔͌̅́̓͜͝͠͠a̵̢̧̧̢̬̬̝̯͔̣̗̣̅͋̅͌̍̐̿͋̌̆́͆͛́̀͌͒̏͑̉̃͐̋͊̅̕͘͝͝͝k̴̡̧̤̦̮̬͔͖̥̩̫̻̜͓̟̰̹͕͚͙̗̙̠̘̩̭̤̫̝̞̻͊̂̽̇̋̃̄̇̃́͝͠ͅe̴̢̢̢̪͚̺̯̺͓̭͍̹̫̹͔̲̰͖̱̭͍̥͔̪͖̘̘̩̞͚͓͙̒ disappered. She has made many creations and traps for the king and Hina. She envys Hina in almost everyway, but she still cares about her safety. She wears a lab coat and back slacks with dress shoes.



Célina is a demon with sider arms that she can grow from her back and she has her hair in a ponytail. She loves coffee and making moonshine. Even thought she is known for her moonshine she still wears a purple buisness suit and a purple skirt with black pantyhose and black high heels.

Theme: Arachnophobia


Jules is a robot that is pink and is very flirty. In their Neo body they are 'attractive' and 'curvy' according to themself. Their battle form is a lot more intimadating and scary. They run a brodcast of ways to battle and news about things happening around Hell but the secretly run a adult film studio as well.

Theme: Rusted Metal

Battle Theme (EX): Massacre By Lust


Hina is a fish demon and the Captain of Hells Guard. She is extremly fit and is kind of a douche to you. She trys to kill you with harpoons/spears as you stroll through DownFall. When you meet her head to head during the Pacifist/True Angel route she gives a speech including the words "If I let you past, I would be failing the king, and if I did that then I would fail him". During the Genocide she turned into her Rage Demon phase. She spars with Belfast but takes it easy on him not to kill him.


Battle Theme: Neutral/Pacifist: Battle Against Hells Sergeant Major| Genocide: Harpoon Of RAGE


Lucifer wears a cape that he wraps around himself. He uses a pitchfork as a weapon and he has no beard. His horns wrap around his neck and he uses fire and attacks from other characters. During the Pacifist/True Angel, he has a talk with you then gets blasted by every character you have met and saved, causing him to get knocked out.

Theme: Lucifer

Battle Theme:Dämonische Einheit


Ajin is a goat similer to Aja that she took care of. Aja stole him from Lucifer after he fell down and Lucier got him and was teaching him dark magic. He died after a accident with The First Fallen

Theme: His Motif

Battle Theme: Faith and Delusion

Location Changes

Ruins/The Crypts

The Crypts are full of skulls and mummies of monsters and humans. Instead of puzzles and traps there are mazes to get through. Aja leads you through most of The Crypts, but when she leaves you, you have to go do a maze by yourself.

Theme: Crypts


It is full of things you can collect like a broom handle for a weapon and a brave shirt as armour. It has piles of stuff in the living room and in the rooms (exept yours/The First Fallen and Ajin's room). The basement is even more full with stuff, requiring you to push some walls of stuff down, and some imps are hiding in the stuff that you need to fight.

Theme: Limbo

Bliizard Forest

The trees are replaced with janky looking rocks and it is extreamly windy and cold. As you climb over a log to get over a crack in the ground, you slip but then caught by magic then thrown up on the other side. After this is when you meet Atlas. You can chose to put on the coat as armour for extra protection aganist the demons of Bliizard or just keep the shirt for armour.

Theme: Windy and Snowy

Bliizard Town

The bar has a welcoming kind of vibe to it. When you walk past Atlas' and Belfast's house it is a pretty big house, but about the same size as the one in Undertale. When you past a imp and interact with it, it says "Hellllp mmeeee! I am blowing away! *He hold onto the fence to hard it is denting the wood. . . how does wood dent?*"

Theme: Almost Blown Down Town


It is raining her constantly and it prone to flooding. The water falls sometimes have bits and peices of demon flowing in them. It has its version of echo flowers (called Remember Me flowers) which you can hear conversations from. Here you can find the baseball bat and the soccer cleats.

Theme: Bodies Fall + Rushing Waterfalls


BloodBoil is extreamly hot and the jacket from Bliizard now makes demons do more damage to you in this area. It is smeltering and after running from Hina, you have to cool her off with fan unless you want her to die. Here you can find the steak knife and the chefs hat. During a battle if you are still using the broomstick handle a special dialogue reading *The broomstick feels to be melting. . . how the h*ll does wood melt?*

Theme: Boiling Point


The CORE hasn't changed much, it is still large, clunky and mechy. It does still serves as a power station to power Hell.

Theme: Heart and Soul of Hell

New Home/Burnt Home

The house is burnt on the inside and is has the same blueprint as Aja's house. When you look in the mirror during Pacifist/True Angel route you get "Hey its you, thank you for not hurting anyone" Genocide/True Demon route you get "Why. . . I thought you would be the one, I was wrong".

Theme: Burnt Wood

Judgment Hall/Hells Church

The windows are upside down crosses with pentagrams in the middle of them. You can walk all the way through until the end where bones block your path. When you walked back, Atlas is waiting for you. In the Pacifist/True Angel route he is being controled by the devil by a collar of a sort. His eyes pour hate and his eyes are all black. His attacks are pretty simple but you have to do certain actions to move into the throne room then get Atlas to damage Lucifer.

Theme: Errie Silence (just silence)

Barrier/Gates of Hell

The gates are locked and they are blocked my Lucifer. They let off a negative aura. During the Genocide/True Demon route he gives you a chance to be his apprentice and bounty hunter, deny it and you enter a battle. During the Pacifist/True Angel route, he says a short speech then gets blasted by the attacks of the characters you have befriended.

Theme: Locked Up