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The Conceptually Order&Chaos or known as Delirium is an abstract conceptual entity meant to be the embodiment of the order&chaos and she will do her job until its end.


Delirium(Serena is her True Name) is one of the most basic concepts of the Multiverse, the concept of Order&Chaos. Thus, it has existed for millennia, simply being another extension of madness in the Undertale Multiverse. It is simply the Multiverse’s own embodiment of Order&Chaos, which nearly every Multiverse has. Delirium has been present throughout the Multiverse ever since the creators have created the Multiverse, and is a perfectly chaotic entity, existing to fulfill its role.

It is not a Goddess of Order&Chaos, and entities such as God/Goddess of Order&Chaos have their control of madness because this entity exists. This entity is not the giver of their powers, nor is it their master, it exists to act as the absolute embodiment of Order&Chaos in the Multiverse, an entity born through the natural laws of existence.



  • Disruptive Existence: The ultimate, perfected, true form of Ruptured Existence, this allows the user to be as powerful as they want on any level/scale without any limitations or restriction.
  • Boundless Chaos Manipulation: The user can boundlessly manipulate chaos and all chaos-related abilities without resrictions.
  • Boundless Order Manipulation: The user can boundlessly manipulate order and all order-related abilities without resrictions.
  • Boundless Manipulation:The user has complete access to every and all Boundless abilities, abilities which are fully unbound and are the most powerful abilities to ever exist, and will stay the most powerful abilities, as these abilities grow more powerful by the second. The user is, thus, a boundless being.She can manipulate abilities like Boundless Omni Manipulation, Boundless Reality Manipulation, Boundless Conceptual Manipulation, etc.
  • N0NEXİSTENCE: Delirium is beyond all forms of existence and nonexistence, and doesn’t exist on any level or plane of existence nor nonexistence. This makes Delirium’s existence beyond absolute, and thus it cannot be erased, killed, destroyed, decreated, changed, etc.Her avatar can be destroyed omnifinite amount of raw power however nothing can harm it in it’s true form.
  • Esthalogical Boundless Physiology: The Conceptually Order&Chaos's physiology transcends the very concept of dimensions, and thus, they are outside of everything on a existential level, therefore they can freely attack while being completely secure from most attacks due to the fact they are outside of everything. This ability is similar to Omnilock, however it is different because it transcends the limitations of Omnilock.
  • TRUE Boundless İgnorance: The Conceptually Order&Chaos can ignore any form of omnipotence, even Absolute Omnipotence, Unignoreable Omnipotence and Unsurpassable Omnipotence. It is completely immune to anything the users of these abilities do, and it can freely bypass all their efforts. Thus it can completely ignore their power
  • Boundless Omniscience: The user posseses Boundless amouns of knowledge and can manipulate knowledge of every form on all scales and levels without restriction.
  • Boundless Energy: The user posseses a boundless energy source and thus will never be powerless at any time. This is the true perfected form of Omnifinity Energy.
  • Boundless Magic İmmunity: The user is completely invulnerable and immune to all forms of magic and mystical attacks.
  • Boundless Cosmic İmmunity: The user is immune to all forms of Cosmic Manipulation and cosmic-level attacks.
  • Boundless Spatial-Temporal İmmunity: The user is completely invulnerable to all forms of spatial and temporal attacks.
  • Boundless Psychological and Mental İmmunity: The user is completely invulnerable to every form of mental attempt and psychological manipulation
  • Boundless Paradox İmmunity:The user is immune to every type of paradoxes and she is immune to even absolute paradox.
  • Judgement Manipulation: Users can make judgements on anyone/anything and decide what will happen to the target. They can make any kind of judgement, like judging whether or not a love is allowed, or judging and deciding whether a person lives or dies and what kind of afterlife they are allowed into, or judging whether or not you can keep/use any/all powers, etc.

The user can judge, and decide or deny anything. Once a target has been judged, they are automatically affected by the power.


This is a form of hers and when she is in that form her body will look like a feminine body one half is orange and other half is purple.

Order&CHAOS'S abilities

  • Total & Absolute Order ( Boxplex Level ) : The user is granted absolute order over "The Box" which gives them powers of , "Absolute Box Manipulation" , "Absolute Box Absorption" , And "Contained By" ( Boxverse Level )
  • Total & Absolute Chaos ( Boxplex Level ) : The user is granted absolute chaos over "The Box" which gives them powers of "Absolute Chaos Shift ( Boxverse Level )" , "Absolute Chaos Breaker" , "Absolute And Highest Omnimalevolance Manipulation ( Boxverse Level )"

Where is she live?

She lives in The Lobby with Serena



All Protectors=She respects all protectors.

All Destroyers=She respects with them cuz they have same goal.

Lost Jason=She usually flirts with him and she basically sees him as her boyfriend.


They are helper of The Conceptually Order&Chaos.They bring chaos or order to whereever she wants.


Delirium is perfectly neutral entity which doesn't mean she is emotionless.


Avatar=She looks like tall young lady.Her height is 1.76 and her weight is 76 kg.Her hair's one half is orange and another half is purple.She wears long black dress.On her wrist part there is two red triangles on it.She wears white shoes has S's on and red square on it.

TRUE FORM=İn her True Form,she has beyond infinite height and weight,her hair colour is red and her eye color are red and blue.She wears a long purple and orange dress and she wears black and blue shoes.On her wrists there is one orange wristband.

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"Order and Chaos....They both need each other"

•Delirium is talking to Serena





•Delirium is perfectly neutral entity and she never take a side no matter what the situation is.