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This is an evil being that was created in the fandom on accident. In multiple timelines and AUs, several humans where having nightmares about this demon. There seems to have been a rift, linking every body who was sleeping to the first person who dreamed about it. Even if they where in different timelines or AUs, they were all linked together. When some of them woke up, they told other people about there nightmares. This caused the idea to spread and grow. Eventually, the thoughts of so many people, created this demon. If there had not been a rift that linked every bodies nightmares together, the thing would never have been created. The demon first appeared in Undertale, and destroyed the timeline. The demon only wants to cause chaos and suffering through out the outerverse. Because it was born in the UT outerverse, it has to have stats. If people started thinking of this being of a positive thing and had good dreams about it, the being would become good and not evil. This however is impossible, because it has created a lot of chaos and is known too well as a "bad guy".

POWERS and Weapons

Physical Attack Immunity

It is immune to all physical damage.

Magic Immunity

It is immune to MOST magic attacks. In order to hurt it with magic, the magic attack must be as great as a sun (star).

Demonic Energy Absorbing

If you try to use an attack that is powered by demonic energy, it will absorb it. Only the demonic energy of a being as strong as this, or some thing above can damage it.


This sword has two determination souls, one patience soul, and 5 monster souls running through the inside of its blade. All of the souls are filled with HATE, making the souls stronger. The souls power the sword, giving it magical damage. It also does physical damage.

AU Teleport

Can teleport into different AUs

Soul Suction

The demon can suck the souls out of people, unless the being is pure.



These daggers have only have one monster soul in them. But are much lighter than the sword. Also, it is throwable.

Mouth Blast

The beast can open its mouth, and fire a purple blast out of it.


Can not die of old age.

Mind Control

Can mind control beings that are bellow deity. Does not work on deities or above, and it will not work on all corrupted code beings.


It will automatically start healing when hurt, unless stated otherwise.

Hall of Holes

Have you seen Scooby Doo? Have you seen them go through doors, and come out of lots of other doors. This is a surprise attack sort of thing. The demon can exit the holes. The holes are all connected, so if you are next to one, and the demon is far away from you, it can still go through a hole near it, and exit the hole beside you.


Like bone zones, it can cause spikes to fall or come out of the ground.

Suffering Eternal

This is a device that can shoot a red beam at some body. This will cause the person to never die unless the device is deactivated. So, you could rip out their heart, and they would never die. It increases the amount of pain some body feels as well.


It's sword is heavy and will slow it down a bit.

If the memory of the people who dreamed about it where erased, and they remember nothing about dreaming about it or thinking about it. The being will cease to exist. It will fade away. Strangely, gaster blasters can damage it, even though it is immune to most magic. More weaknesses.

Also, even though this guy probably can not travel through the outerverse, don't say it is dumb. Outerverse, Multiverse, what is the difference, it just wants to cause chaos.