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Code Soul!Sans, commonly called Digit. (Story)

This strange Sans was the first of the first, opening the gate for Creators to access what they unknowingly needed for the AUs to be created.

Digit was originally a Classic!Sans, from the first ever timeline. As the human was going through, everything glitched out on occasion, until a strange passage opened, allowing Sans to enter what we Creators call the AntiVoid.

The strange portal closed behind him, and Sans suddenly got trapped as his timeline was thrown into a loop from his code missing, so it recreated him.

He got locked out of his timeline forever.

Sans was forced to wander, his magic slowly being drained away from exhaustion and lack of food.

He had been wandering for some time before coming into contact with the Code Soul, the basis of all code and life in the Multiverse.

Sans, being unknowing but cautious and also curious, reached out and lightly touched the Code soul.

Immediantly, his body was racked with pain.

He passed out right then and there.

When he woke up, he had no recollection of anything. His name, why he was here, nothing.

All his memories, gone.

He stood up, examining himself. He was colorless, purely white.

He lifted a hand to his eye socket, but couldn't see it. He could see through his other one.

Shaking his head, he glanced at the giant floating object behind him, information suddenly flashing through his head and giving him a slight headache.

When it was over, he had every detail of the Code Soul, from its function to its purpose to even its stats.

Shaking his head, he began to walk in the opposite direction, trying to find someone, anyone, who could tell him who the hell he was.

This is when he met Error, who was actually the one to suggest Digit being called Digit.

Digit took the name and continued his journey, eventually meeting Ink.

A series of long events happened, but he always ended up back at the Code Soul, learning to maintain and to do his job right.