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"Kid...I'm not a bad guy...I just sometimes do bad things for good."

-Dimension!Sans to Frisk.

Dimension!Sans (Nicknamed Dim, Dimmy, Dimbo.) is one of the main protagonists of SpacialTale, and is the guardian over the Dimensions and AU's. He may seem friendly, but he will do anything to protect his brother.


Dimension!Sans lives with his brother, Rift!Papyrus, and his father, Reality!Gaster (In the AU It's canon). He is a funny guy at heart, but will resort to murder to save his family from anything. He is perfectly sane, and was made in the coming ages of existence. He was the 4th being in Creation. He will defend the entire Multiverse by his own hand, due to his care for the realms.



Dim is your average Sans, yet he wears a purple hoodie, and normally keeps it up, alongside replacing the white on his shorts with purple, and has two purple eyelights. He naturally smiles, yet he can frown, but cannot close his mouth, as skeletons dont have lips.


Dim is a slacker, like the original Sans. He is calm, friendly and kind, other than when his family gets harmed. Otherwise, he would simply kill you without hesitation, best not to anger him.


Blue Mastery = Dim is able to rise anything, whether or not they have a soul, yet to the extent of it tiring him alot.

Teleportation = Dim can travel to any AU or Void, simply by changing to another Dimension.

Dimension Blasters = These are Blasters that can be diagonally controlled by Sans, and can teleport the beams.

Bones = His bones are able to vary in many different colours, ranging from White, Blue, Orange, Purple, Glitched and Black,

Purple Mastery = He is able to transform their soul to purple, like muffet.

Omniscience = Dim is Omniscient, he has been around since the very beginning.


  • He loves to drink/eat Blackcurrant Jelly.
  • He loves his brother more than anything else.
  • He's one of the strong yet not too O.P Sanses


Fell Sans saw him whille on his shift.

Epic!Sans hung out with him once.

Nightmare!Sans once tried to get him to join his gang, Dim refused and they got into a fight. it is unclear who won